1. Witch Weekly: Ravenclaw witch retro vintage style vintage inspired character design wizarding world magic digitalart illustration fashion illustrator witches ravenclaw harry potter hogwarts
    View Witch Weekly: Ravenclaw
    Witch Weekly: Ravenclaw
  2. Witch Weekly: Hufflepuff digital art illustration fashion plate sorting hat magic halloween spooky season witch weekly witch pinup vintage style fashion illustration hogwarts hufflepuff pride hufflepuff harry potter
    View Witch Weekly: Hufflepuff
    Witch Weekly: Hufflepuff
  3. Hogwarts Acceptance Letter witch wizard magic lgbtq illustration owl illustration animal owl hedwig hogwarts harry potter
    View Hogwarts Acceptance Letter
    Hogwarts Acceptance Letter
  4. Witch Weekly: Gryffindor witchcraft witch weekly magic hogwarts retro character design witch vintage style fashion illustration 1930s fashion illustration gryffindor harry potter
    View Witch Weekly: Gryffindor
    Witch Weekly: Gryffindor
  5. Girls, Bond Girls sean connery akiko wakabayashi tilly masterson tiffany case tatiana romonova sylvia trench pussy galore honey ryder helga brandt domino vitale designed by shea colorful female digital art bond girls bond girl 007 james bond illustration
    View Girls, Bond Girls
    Girls, Bond Girls
  6. Lady Champagne handlettering digital art illustrator vintage style packaging female wine label vino wine illustration character design champagne
    View Lady Champagne
    Lady Champagne
  7. Lady Chardonnay drawing digital art illustration female colorful vintage retro vintage style pinup packaging wine label design character design wine chardonnay
    View Lady Chardonnay
    Lady Chardonnay
  8. Lady Prosecco handlettering colorful pinup characterdesign wine label design vintage style beach female character prosecco wine
    View Lady Prosecco
    Lady Prosecco
  9. You May Fill My Glass to Here pinup gamay vintage inspired retro vino graphic design female character wine label design wine female illustration
    View You May Fill My Glass to Here
    You May Fill My Glass to Here
  10. Celestial Sirens female glitter moons stars sun heavenly fashion illustration vintage starry celestial graphic design feminine illustration
    View Celestial Sirens
    Celestial Sirens
  11. Kindred Spirit handlettered lettering kindred spirit flowers kidlitart illustration book cover design book cover l.m. montgomery anne with an e anne of green gables
    View Kindred Spirit
    Kindred Spirit
  12. First Day of Summer photoshop drawing hollywood summer vintage female designed by shea illustration fall halloween frankenstein bride of frankenstein
    View First Day of Summer
    First Day of Summer
  13. Minimal Gal procreate graphic design female character illustration art fashion art fashion illustration minimal female illustration designed by shea
    View Minimal Gal
    Minimal Gal
  14. Sallerina the nightmare before christmas photoshop digital art the haunted mansion tim burton illustration shea oconnor
    View Sallerina
  15. Hair Goals digital painting digital art vixen texture illustration female retro vintage style fashion illustration vintage fashion
    View Hair Goals
    Hair Goals
  16. Make Time For Bubbles cat relax champagne bubble bath bubbles self care character design drawing illustration
    View Make Time For Bubbles
    Make Time For Bubbles
  17. fraisier cake procreate illustration baking retro midcentury confection strawberry cake
    View fraisier cake
    fraisier cake
  18. Ghostly Glamour digital art mystery drawing art illustration death murder halloween ghost
    View Ghostly Glamour
    Ghostly Glamour
  19. Ghostly Coasties character art character design character beverage alchohol spirits mystery vintage illustration ghost coaster
    View Ghostly Coasties
    Ghostly Coasties
  20. Fascinator Fascination england priyanka lilac woman fashion hat fascinator royal wedding
    View Fascinator Fascination
    Fascinator Fascination
  21. Happy Mother's Day! illustration motherhood celebrate flowers floral typography hand lettering mom happy mothers day
    View Happy Mother's Day!
    Happy Mother's Day!
  22. Dream House 1 designed by shea whimsical vintage pastel architecture illustration victorian dollhouse house dream house
    View Dream House 1
    Dream House 1
  23. Sketch Before Rainbows shea oconnor joyful feminine black and white illustration process sketch
    View Sketch Before Rainbows
    Sketch Before Rainbows
  24. Rainbow Everything color female art illustration rainbow
    View Rainbow Everything
    Rainbow Everything
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