1. Portfolio figma responsive web special navigation new menu css html code design portfolio
  2. Airline Flight Results prices table draft concept redesign travel airline results flight lufthansa
    Airline Flight Results
  3. Editorial Chart d3.js interactive concept national typography swiss swissdesign style switzerland newspaper editorial chart
    Editorial Chart
  4. Lufthansa Homepage Concept airplane airline image layout search responsive desktop design homepage lufthansa
    Lufthansa Homepage Concept
  5. Airline Flight Results V2 prices list cards desktop web concept interface design lufthansa airline flights
    Airline Flight Results V2
  6. Calendar and Price tags image overlay boxes booking
    Calendar and Price
  7. Seat Selector select photoshop plane seat lufthansa aviation airline
    Seat Selector
  8. Portfolio dennyshess.ch Draft css js bubbles design experiment idea preview project code draft
    Portfolio dennyshess.ch Draft
  9. Controls III controls color dropdown checkbox switch search illustrator shadow flat range on-off ui
    Controls III
  10. Lufthansa Concept Destinations map search locations grid places travel aviation airline concept lufthansa destinations fly
    Lufthansa Concept Destinations
  11. Mapstyle for Datavisualisation project typography bar chart barchart statistics dataviz datavisualization datavisualisation data city style mapbox map
    Mapstyle for Datavisualisation project
  12. Flight Booking Mobile App concept photoshop ux tickets airline mobile app flights
    Flight Booking Mobile App
  13. Ship ship world piece photoshop illustration
  14. Beautiful maps maps beauty beautiful world earth cartography direction landscape elevation guide navigation
    Beautiful maps
  15. Navigation Animations for Airline App framer nativeapp ios design animations animation app airline
    Navigation Animations for Airline App
  16. Airline Upcoming Flights travel check-in bookings desktop lufthansa flight airline
    Airline Upcoming Flights
  17. Iceland Journey Map landing page homepage design map box custom maps cartography geography journey map iceland
    Iceland Journey Map
  18. The Future of Airline Websites? future airline websites concept fi idea ux
    The Future of Airline Websites?
  19. Homepage exploration portfolio typography ux ui design experiment exploration homepage
    Homepage exploration
  20. Lufthansa Concept Calendar dates calendar fly destinations lufthansa concept airline aviation travel grid locations search
    Lufthansa Concept Calendar
  21. Hong Kong Typhoons Data Visualization weather storm history data statistics data-visualization d3js illustration dataviz photoshop hong kong typhoon
    Hong Kong Typhoons Data Visualization
  22. File Browser photoshop design logo icon system folder file browser
    File Browser
  23. Neonite Blog fonts type typography ios iphone mobile editorial layout design agency blog neonite
    Neonite Blog
  24. Braun fashion watch braun
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