1. SBB Railway App buy switzerland railway train ui search travel concept design tickets
    View SBB Railway App
    SBB Railway App
  2. Pagefold Iconography icons design page curl pagefold page files documents uid figmadesign iconography figma icons
    View Pagefold Iconography
    Pagefold Iconography
  3. Design for Finance Software typography concept ux ui ux design ui design trends finance app
    View Design for Finance Software
    Design for Finance Software
  4. Growing Icon Set visualisation data table eye iteration iconography icons design
    View Growing Icon Set
    Growing Icon Set
  5. Iconography/Illustration Stylefinding onboarding statistics stats 3d blocks icon illustration concept ui design
    View Iconography/Illustration Stylefinding
    Iconography/Illustration Stylefinding
  6. Travel Stories App ui ux typography design concept photography stories cathay pacific airline travel spain app
    View Travel Stories App
    Travel Stories App
  7. Cologne Dataviz 01 design dataviz data cologne
    View Cologne Dataviz 01
    Cologne Dataviz 01
  8. Colour Search ui  ux design
    View Colour Search
    Colour Search
  9. Citytrips Moscow app airline traveling citytrips city moscow
    View Citytrips Moscow
    Citytrips Moscow
  10. Sonic waves frontend concept design sound waves
    View Sonic waves
    Sonic waves
  11. Flight Search Widget cathay pacific airline travel lookup widget search flight
    View Flight Search Widget
    Flight Search Widget
  12. Airline Site Design search type layout landing concept draft
    View Airline Site Design
    Airline Site Design
  13. Airline Site Buildup code concept desktop web airline animation site buildup
    View Airline Site Buildup
    Airline Site Buildup
  14. Homepage exploration portfolio typography ux ui design experiment exploration homepage
    View Homepage exploration
    Homepage exploration
  15. Portfolio figma responsive web special navigation new menu css html code design portfolio
    View Portfolio
  16. W iteration idea test iteration design font typeface type w
    View W iteration
    W iteration
  17. Social Security retirement benefits explained visually datavisualisation us design socialsecurity dataviz
    View Social Security retirement benefits explained visually
    Social Security retirement benefits explained visually
  18. Grid with Promotions and Infos design travel airlines intro grid flight promotion
    View Grid with Promotions and Infos
    Grid with Promotions and Infos
  19. Simple Flight Search Module add flight multi city module search flight
    View Simple Flight Search Module
    Simple Flight Search Module
  20. Portfolio dennyshess.ch Draft css js bubbles design experiment idea preview project code draft
    View Portfolio dennyshess.ch Draft
    Portfolio dennyshess.ch Draft
  21. Airline Flight Result Page page airline concept design travel fly flight search
    View Airline Flight Result Page
    Airline Flight Result Page
  22. The Future of Airline Websites? future airline websites concept fi idea ux
    View The Future of Airline Websites?
    The Future of Airline Websites?
  23. Concept Airline web design search flight flight search page landing airline swiss
    View Concept Airline
    Concept Airline
  24. Airline Flight Results prices table draft concept redesign travel airline results flight lufthansa
    View Airline Flight Results
    Airline Flight Results
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