Watched v1.2 available now!

September 19, 2013

A long time coming, and a lot of hours over the past several weeks, but it is done, it is all-new, it is iOS 7 ready, and it is awesome (if I do say so myself).!/id537919238?ls=1&mt=8

Posting new activity

August 31, 2013

Still undecided on whether to put the Twitter/Facebook buttons on the left or right. Trying them on the right at the moment, but may still shift them back again as I've already changed my mind half a dozen times today... Full pixels at...

New Menu 2

August 30, 2013

New menu in a more complete state. Full pixels attached.

New Menu

August 24, 2013

Completely new menu for the next version of Watched. Embracing colour and flat-ish-ness. Full pixels attached. Crappy Quicktime screen recording of it in action can be seen here: Current menu...

Watched - Episode listing

August 11, 2013

Pretty much everything is getting a refresh in the next version of Watched, including the episode listings. Full pixels are attached. For more info on Watched! visit:

Watched Web Home

June 21, 2013

First pass at the home page for logged-in users, plan will be to add more bits and pieces over time to turn it into more of a complete dashboard of everything that's happening on Watched. Full pixels in the attachment. More info about W...

Watched Web Profile

June 20, 2013

Work-in-progress user profile page, several things have changed from the never-launched September 2012 version (see rebounded shot). Mostly happy with how its looking at this point, but still more work to do, I want to include 'likes' o...

Watched - Individual show

June 19, 2013

Have been working on the individual show view for the web interface for Watched. Still a ton to do, but its progressing nicely (although slowly). See the attachment for full, not-so-fuzzy, pixels.