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  1. 31 days, 31 NBA concepts.
    31 shots
    Updated May 31, 2016
    1. Side project for a bit of fun and to try and creative juice flowing again by redesigning the logos of local football (soccer) teams.
      10 shots
      Updated April 11, 2014
      1. NextGame is aggregating sporting fixtures from all over the world, with more being added all the time. iOS app is also in development.
        32 shots
        Updated January 27, 2014
        1. Working on a cricket app for iPhone. When I Xcode myself in a corner I go back and revise the visuals. The visuals are getting revised often...
          12 shots
          Updated November 15, 2013
          1. What have you just watched? What have your friends just watched? What did they think?
            24 shots
            Updated September 19, 2013
            1. Designed just for fun. Legal nonsense would stop it ever being made.
              4 shots
              Updated April 04, 2012