1. BP control chart data excel information design
    View BP control chart
    BP control chart
  2. Healthicons.org Emoticons emoji emoticons health icons illustration
    View Healthicons.org Emoticons
    Healthicons.org Emoticons
  3. Healthicons.org Website icons open source website
    View Healthicons.org Website
    Healthicons.org Website
  4. Healthicons.org Logo identity illustration logo marketing open source
    View Healthicons.org Logo
    Healthicons.org Logo
  5. Slide deck for Simple.org graph marketing pitch presentation simple slide
    View Slide deck for Simple.org
    Slide deck for Simple.org
  6. Bodo logo wordmark
    View Bodo
  7. Simple Dashboard dashboard dashboard ui data viz simple
    View Simple Dashboard
    Simple Dashboard
  8. Sola Casting branding fashion marketing site
    View Sola Casting
    Sola Casting
  9. Hypertension Control Dashboard charts graphing information design
    View Hypertension Control Dashboard
    Hypertension Control Dashboard
  10. PERC identity identity logo
    View PERC identity
    PERC identity
  11. BP Passport App health medical medicine wallet
    View BP Passport App
    BP Passport App
  12. Map of equipment demand: Project N95 covid19 data visualization dataviz map
    View Map of equipment demand: Project N95
    Map of equipment demand: Project N95
  13. Project N95 Website and Brand brand covid marketing volunteer website website design
    View Project N95 Website and Brand
    Project N95 Website and Brand
  14. Project N95 covid 19 marketing operations ui volunteer
    View Project N95
    Project N95
  15. Sloan: 2004 archive web design
    View Sloan: 2004
    Sloan: 2004
  16. TinySpeck: 2011 brand game identity logo
    View TinySpeck: 2011
    TinySpeck: 2011
  17. Glitch: 2011 game identity logo
    View Glitch: 2011
    Glitch: 2011
  18. Oink: 2012 app ios rate ratings
    View Oink: 2012
    Oink: 2012
  19. Mozilla and Firefox: 2004 browser logo marketing web design
    View Mozilla and Firefox: 2004
    Mozilla and Firefox: 2004
  20. Pownce: 2007 identity logo pownce social network
    View Pownce: 2007
    Pownce: 2007
  21. Digg: 2005-2009 digg news newsfeed old
    View Digg: 2005-2009
    Digg: 2005-2009
  22. silverorange: 1999 identity logo
    View silverorange: 1999
    silverorange: 1999
  23. Simple Logo android launcher logo logo design simple
    View Simple Logo
    Simple Logo
  24. Video tutorial illustration android illustration thumbnail youtube
    View Video tutorial illustration
    Video tutorial illustration
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