1. Pedanticity material design android vocabulary animation
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  2. thank you thanks card cmyk postcard thank you
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    thank you
  3. Story Doodle animation prototyping pink story iphone6 doodle
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    Story Doodle
  4. Spec Work specifications spec app color styles style guide
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    Spec Work
  5. Parcel package slider green audio image app
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  6. Quick and Dirty Exploration animation prototyping prototype purple
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    Quick and Dirty Exploration
  7. Pandamonium GIF gif panda animated mark logo
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    Pandamonium GIF
  8. Team Member Identities branding identity logos team personal identity
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    Team Member Identities
  9. Landing Page landing page gradient logo
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    Landing Page
  10. Wikipedia App ios7 wikipedia gamification wiki app design flat design
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    Wikipedia App
  11. Milk Buttons button flat shadow rounded corner
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    Milk Buttons
  12. Android App Screens android app presentation screens
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    Android App Screens
  13. Dossier Profile page profile kirk dossier avatar
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    Dossier Profile page
  14. Dossier Logo dossier logo orange papers folder
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    Dossier Logo
  15. Don Loper Responsive Blog blog responsive teal
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    Don Loper Responsive Blog
  16. Multiple Choice Question Animation animation app question vocabulary definition multiple choice
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    Multiple Choice Question Animation
  17. Thanks, Simon Godbout thank you simon godbout dribbble invitation
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    Thanks, Simon Godbout
  18. Vocabulary Android App android vocabulary app dashboard roboto
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    Vocabulary Android App
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