Strava Features Page Full Comp

April 04, 2017

Here's the full pixels of the features page. I've been slacking on posting more of the work that led up to Strava's launch. There's so much stuff that didn't quite make the cut. This page in particular got scaled back quite a...

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Strava Homepage Full Comp

February 16, 2017

Here's the full pixels of the homepage. It's always weird looking at full pages like this. Nothing on here looks that extraordinary as far as design goes. But so much research, conversation, versions and iterations all lead t...

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Dribbble strava homepage Redesign

February 07, 2017

Finally! I was beyond pumped to be contracted for the redesign of last year. Huge thanks to my former colleague Dan Becker who was the Design Director at the time and lead the initiative. I spearheaded all facets from Design R...