Wet Republic Full Visual Case Study

April 09, 2015

Welp, I've been trying to get better about documenting my projects as they happen. I created your typical big ol' visual case study for all the hard work we @Legwork put in on this site for Wet Republic. There's 2 attachments: • A main...

Dribbble wet nav

Wet Republic Navigation Prototype

April 01, 2015

We recently launched a new site for a Las Vegas day club (I am a total day club kinda' guy). Here and there I've been using Framer in my workflow and this was a great use that got client buy in on our nav concept. We're currently crushi...

Text Fields and Drop Downs oh my!

January 29, 2015

Sneak peak at a project we're working on over here at Legwork. I don't know what it is about forms, but they're so fun to work on. Probably because they're usually awful and when you come across one that's nice it's such a pleasant feeli...