1. The App Store Icon (macOS Big Sur) wwdc 3d madeinaffinity big sur icon macos
    The App Store Icon (macOS Big Sur)
  2. Powered by Vue.js (Isometric Illustration) vue.js madeinaffinity isometric vector illustration
    Powered by Vue.js (Isometric Illustration)
  3. iOS icon star wars marker app drawing ios icon
    iOS icon
  4. VR Boy — Character Illustration madeinaffinity character vector illustration
    VR Boy — Character Illustration
  5. RPG Swords Cards tabletop game art cards madeinaffinity dndarmory illustration
    RPG Swords Cards
  6. Image Processing App (Vue.js + WebGL shaders) retro gui interface ui app p5.js p5js vuejs vue.js webgl game boy
    Image Processing App (Vue.js + WebGL shaders)
  7. Truchet Pattern Generator (WebGL + Vue.js Experiment) electron threejs webgl ui app mac pattern vuejs interface
    Truchet Pattern Generator (WebGL + Vue.js Experiment)
  8. The King madeinaffinity vector character mac icon illustration
    The King
  9. Handheld Icons gameboy vector icon
    Handheld Icons
  10. Preferences (macOS Toolbar Icons) macos mac app icons
    Preferences (macOS Toolbar Icons)
  11. macOS Toolbar Icons mac icons toolbar macos icon
    macOS Toolbar Icons
  12. 🖋 floral affinity designer vector pattern illustration icon
  13. ⌘ pattern illustration icon
  14. Magician Set magician magic glyphs icons
    Magician Set
  15. Icons for a Plugin photoshop icons
    Icons for a Plugin
  16. Character Coloring Process madeinaffinity affinity designer vector illustration character
    Character Coloring Process
  17. Isometric Platforms Pt. 2 madeinaffinity illustration affinity designer isometric vector
    Isometric Platforms Pt. 2
  18. Pirate Boy character illustration affinity cartoon pirate stickers
    Pirate Boy
  19. Hellboy (Vectober'17) vectober vector illustration character hellboy
    Hellboy (Vectober'17)
  20. Weekend Doodle vector illustration character
    Weekend Doodle
  21. Palettes App (vue.js) vue ui interface desktop palettes colors vue.js electron app macos mac
    Palettes App (vue.js)
  22. Weekend Doodle #03 gravity falls illustration
    Weekend Doodle #03
  23. Isometric Platforms affinity game illustration isometric
    Isometric Platforms
  24. Magic Stones
    Magic Stones
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