Publishing Tool for Slideshow

November 07, 2016

Check out this slideshow publisher I've been working on with @Quinlan Maggio and team. (Standard | Retina Screens) I definitely took some cues from the google slide/powerpoint user experience. It's a tried and true way to create and mana...

Create Article Post Variants

November 06, 2016

Working on improving UX and UI for some of the tools our editorial team uses daily. Check out the user flow here.

Manage Facebook Post

October 31, 2016

This is a writing/publishing tool. I worked on the UX/UI of some new functionality. The challenge: Add a way for writers to manage the content and visuals for the story's facebook post at any time while they write, without cluttering t...

Template Editor WIP

January 14, 2016

We're working on a set of templates for writers to use as they compose articles. This is an early concept of the template editor and the options available for configuring the information displayed in the article. Be sure to check it out...

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