1. Capacity Helpdesk - Ticket View support automation ticketing tickets helpdesk saas design saas web app app desktop ux ui design clean ui
    Capacity Helpdesk - Ticket View
  2. Live Chat Notification alerts live agent chat notifcation ui design design live chat
    Live Chat Notification
  3. Capacity Icon Set  /  01 saas design icon design iconography icons pack icons icon set ui design
    Capacity Icon Set / 01
  4. Electrical Engineering Project Management App hcd human centered design app project management tool export import complex industrial process management data tables software design web application software web app design ux ui design ui
    Electrical Engineering Project Management App
  5. Homescreen Web App multi-step clean webapp design ui design ui
    Homescreen Web App
  6. 🎉Jane.ai Series A 🎉 bot saas artificial intelligence clean mobile chat chatbot ai startup
    🎉Jane.ai Series A 🎉
  7. Coworkers chat bubble ai conversation branding brand graphic design line art workforce chat illustration
  8. Website Analytics Dashboard dashboard data visualization ecommerce ui user interface design analytics interface graphs application clean pie chart flat design stats app
    Website Analytics Dashboard
  9. Analytics Dashboard chart reporting minimal clean data visualization data ui design ui analytics dashboard
    Analytics Dashboard
  10. Upbolt Analytics Dashboard | Mobile clean ui ux web app app reporting data visualization data graphs analytics dashboard mobile
    Upbolt Analytics Dashboard | Mobile
  11. Enliven Careers & Contact careers site contact form map company website clean desktop mobile contact page career page careers ui website
    Enliven Careers & Contact
  12. Enliven Home Page company website desktop redesign homepage website ui web design
    Enliven Home Page
  13. Enliven Redesign company website clean desktop mobile writing blog about us ux ui branding website
    Enliven Redesign
  14. Card Design Exploration content poster design graphic design city sky lake mountain geometric shapes cards card
    Card Design Exploration
  15. Welcome Pack branding brand culture welcome pack swag sticker tshirt
    Welcome Pack
  16. Template Editor WIP website settings templates editorial flat clean ux ui cms admin article template
    Template Editor WIP
  17. Publishing Tool for Slideshow ui design ui ux minimal clean responsive write article slideshow tool publish
    Publishing Tool for Slideshow
  18. Manage Facebook Post interface ui ux clean editorial tools write article publishing
    Manage Facebook Post
  19. Jane.ai  |  Version 1.0 company website product ai marketing branding ui design web design marketing site website
    Jane.ai | Version 1.0
  20. GLOBALHACK VI branding ui design ui register hack layout hackathon web design website
  21. Hello, AI. startups ai glasses product design identity tshirt logo branding brand
    Hello, AI.
  22. Prepare.AI Logomark conferences artificial intelligence ai nonprofit brand design branding brand logomark icon logos
    Prepare.AI Logomark
  23. The Multiply Brand guidelines brand guide style guide styles swag t-shirt sticker brand identity brand design identity logo brand
    The Multiply Brand
  24. Meet Multiply! branding swag t-shirt sticker brand identity brand design identity logo rebrand brand
    Meet Multiply!
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