Broadcast Prompter

November 23, 2016

The Zipline team is doing some cool work with influencer broadcasting. You should check them out. Here I revisited an idea for broadcasting live on a mobile device. Celebrities and influencers are used to a prompter when they endorse pr...

Desktop App | Broadcast

November 02, 2016

This shot is of some work I did for zipline for their desktop app experience. Take a closer look.

Broadcast Feed

March 09, 2016

Broadcast on Zipline

March 07, 2016

Coming soon: Watch friends and influencers talk about causes they care about on Zipline. Give, comment, participate. Check out the real pixels.

Zipline Icons

January 06, 2016

I'm doing some icon work for zipline. Standard. Retina.

Zipline Sign in & Sign Up

December 14, 2015

WIP Sign in and Sign up screens for Zipline web experience. Find me on Twitter

Move Money With A Text

September 22, 2015

Type "$dollaramount@name" with zipline to send money in your text.

Add Photo Background

September 16, 2015

Working on interactions for adding a photo to a conversation.

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