1. 2018 Portfolio responsive content sass ui css development front-end design case study words long form portfolio
    View 2018 Portfolio
    2018 Portfolio
  2. Giving and getting interactions animations prototype framerjs framer slide gradients transitions app charity fitness ios
    View Giving and getting
    Giving and getting
  3. Case study: NOVA Black Holes kids ipad games gradients space 3d case study black holes unity
    View Case study: NOVA Black Holes
    Case study: NOVA Black Holes
  4. Dropdown navigation menu [WIP] prototype navigation menu browser states transitions animation select dropdown css wip
    View Dropdown navigation menu [WIP]
    Dropdown navigation menu [WIP]
  5. thoughtbot.com project animation js gradient hero velocity animation landing
    View thoughtbot.com project animation
    thoughtbot.com project animation
  6. PLIBMTTBHGATY redesign css fun! landing page meetup pop up text animation unpronounceable names
    View PLIBMTTBHGATY redesign
    PLIBMTTBHGATY redesign
  7. Transitions rebound ("My Space") depth flat text only simple personal site ryb primary colors transitions css animation
    View Transitions rebound ("My Space")
    Transitions rebound ("My Space")
  8. Android app prototype (Framer) animations interactions transitions swiping cards android animation prototype framerjs framer
    View Android app prototype (Framer)
    Android app prototype (Framer)
  9. Burning Man 2016 ticket design submission lines symmetry geometry tiled tickets man burning
    View Burning Man 2016 ticket design submission
    Burning Man 2016 ticket design submission
  10. Gamer profile badge prototype cards dropdown design badge profile game prototype animations aftereffects
    View Gamer profile badge prototype
    Gamer profile badge prototype
  11. Site v6, scroll animation tagstagstags swiping cards css animation scrolling
    View Site v6, scroll animation
    Site v6, scroll animation
  12. Poppins, landing page landing page gifs
    View Poppins, landing page
    Poppins, landing page
  13. Site v7, transitions clip-path text only primary colors clipping simple css animations transitions
    View Site v7, transitions
    Site v7, transitions
  14. E-commerce filters (mobile) shop e-commerce menu filters light ui ui layout
    View E-commerce filters (mobile)
    E-commerce filters (mobile)
  15. E-commerce landing layout ecommerce landing page
    View E-commerce landing
    E-commerce landing
  16. Music/video sync layout dark ui ui
    View Music/video sync
    Music/video sync
  17. Search, filter, and sort filters forms layout ui
    View Search, filter, and sort
    Search, filter, and sort
  18. Rototo Landing landing pages games css
    View Rototo Landing
    Rototo Landing
  19. Ralph's hover state #2 hover animation css
    View Ralph's hover state #2
    Ralph's hover state #2
  20. Ralph's hover state hover state animation css
    View Ralph's hover state
    Ralph's hover state
  21. FavSMR: scrolling
    View FavSMR: scrolling
    FavSMR: scrolling
  22. FavSMR: Input appears transitions dark ui
    View FavSMR: Input appears
    FavSMR: Input appears
  23. Bullitt form and alert forms
    View Bullitt form and alert
    Bullitt form and alert
  24. Bullitt review page layout dark ui
    View Bullitt review page
    Bullitt review page
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