1. Dot dot dot… hig insights … truncation ellipsis overflow text ui ux copy
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    Dot dot dot…
  2. The Jetset home page trends dribbble travel website fake web
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    The Jetset
  3. Cryptocurrency Icons Update ico-psycho have-you-heard-about-bitcoin hodl svg icon-set icons flat cryptocurrencies crypto coins bitcoin altcoins
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    Cryptocurrency Icons Update
  4. Bitcoin Icon fun gold coin crypto bitcoin icon app mac
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    Bitcoin Icon
  5. Polkadot polkadot animated crypto blockchains open source logo
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  6. Cryptocurrency Icons svg altcoins coins cryptocurrencies crypto bitcoin outline flat icon-set icons
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    Cryptocurrency Icons
  7. The Wine Pairer 🍷 avatar chatbot icon logo
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    The Wine Pairer
  8. :partyparrot: icon ios10 emoji parrot party
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  9. ScreenFlow 6 icon replacement unsolicited redesign replacement recording screenflow icon app mac
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    ScreenFlow 6 icon replacement
  10. Maritime flags water app keyboard ios
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  11. Football Emoji icons emoji soccer football
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    Football Emoji
  12. Line Icons icons line experiment
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    Line Icons
  13. Denied Permissions ios app permissions blank view keynote4life gif
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    Denied Permissions
  14. Willemstad, Curaçao sketch vector illustration buildings colour sea sky landmark
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    Willemstad, Curaçao
  15. Cards icons 32px 16px @2x freebie credit cards
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  16. LICEcap Replacement Icon mac app icon yosemite icns download licecap record
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    LICEcap Replacement Icon
  17. Slices icon sketch slices mac os x realism knife
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  18. Colour Picker sketch colour picker ui mac os x interface popover
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    Colour Picker
  19. Sketch Mirror sketch mirror sketch 3 app icon ios the grid
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    Sketch Mirror
  20. Toolbar Icons sketch 3 sketch icons toolbar mac app bohemian
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    Toolbar Icons
  21. Fonts fonts os x bohemian coding mac app
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  22. Gatsby fitzgerald practice novel type cover tracing great gatsby book not my day job
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  23. Exit icon @2x ios everyday square white light green
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  24. Switch @2x everyday light switch ios icon square white
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