1. Book recommendation modal modal books dark mode
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    Book recommendation modal
  2. Mental Health App flat app health mental health chat
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    Mental Health App
  3. Playing around with CSS Backdrop filters buttons example live code play
    View Playing around with CSS Backdrop filters
    Playing around with CSS Backdrop filters
  4. Build your day
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    Build your day
  5. Personal Logo - CB branding personal logo type monogram cb
    View Personal Logo - CB
    Personal Logo - CB
  6. Daily UI #002 - Checkout (screens) daily ui 002 dailyui
    View Daily UI #002 - Checkout (screens)
    Daily UI #002 - Checkout (screens)
  7. Daily UI #002 - Checkout (animated) garden children daily ui 002 daily ui challenge daily ui
    View Daily UI #002 - Checkout (animated)
    Daily UI #002 - Checkout (animated)
  8. Partner Portal Login dark blue login form skyscanner b2b mobile login
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    Partner Portal Login
  9. Collect UI - Calculator calculator app one hour calculator
    View Collect UI - Calculator
    Collect UI - Calculator
  10. Dopple Logo
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    Dopple Logo
  11. Flights emission badging animation results flights sustainability environment product design
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    Flights emission badging
  12. Allianz insurance allianz insurance concept spec
    View Allianz insurance
    Allianz insurance
  13. Shoodi MVP cards swipe decisions app
    View Shoodi MVP
    Shoodi MVP
  14. Shoodi branding initial launch brand
    View Shoodi branding
    Shoodi branding
  15. Experiment illustration illustration experiment
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    Experiment illustration
  16. Icon set poster
    View Icon set poster
    Icon set poster
  17. Emojis scared winking grinning ill happy sad
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  18. Trek Poster - ST6 vector poster simple ships star trek
    View Trek Poster - ST6
    Trek Poster - ST6
  19. One-handed navigation idea gif prototype nav
    View One-handed navigation idea
    One-handed navigation idea
  20. 2health logo
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    2health logo
  21. Black and white UI
    View Black and white UI
    Black and white UI
  22. Trek Poster - ST 2
    View Trek Poster - ST 2
    Trek Poster - ST 2
  23. Skysocks
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  24. Graphics Card animation computers animation motherboard graphics card gif
    View Graphics Card animation
    Graphics Card animation
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