1. Consulting & Education Services Icons icons services education consulting
    Consulting & Education Services Icons
  2. Branding Iterations branding brand logo identity mesosphere photo sneak peak
    Branding Iterations
  3. 1.9 Release Sticker release pods space badge sticker
    1.9 Release Sticker
  4. Declined Offers Table Concept debug tab tooltip checkmark x warning concept ui table dcos mesosphere
    Declined Offers Table Concept
  5. Mission Patch Concepts badge space ship stars space dcos mission rocket gif patches
    Mission Patch Concepts
  6. Do astronauts shower? rubber duck suds bubbles office door aliens are real astronaut shower
    Do astronauts shower?
  7. Dreamathon 2016 needlepoint dreams fairy dust pattern tacky sweater magic unicorn tshirt
    Dreamathon 2016
  8. Follow the Signs elevator office illustration computers command rocket sign
    Follow the Signs
  9. Jack Of All Trades saw hobbies lines making illustrations computering wood working sewing
    Jack Of All Trades
  10. DC/OS Services - Tree View (in progress shot) services mesosphere kevin wilson beautiful dcos ui
    DC/OS Services - Tree View (in progress shot)
  11. I Dream of #VanLife illustration moon van life lines fresh air trees camping go outside adventure outdoors van vanlife
    I Dream of #VanLife
  12. Marathon UI Update update dope icon health status table applications mesosphere ui marathon
    Marathon UI Update
  13. Pixels IRL in real life paper ink gradient pink purple space mesosphere screen printing
    Pixels IRL
  14. Mesosphere Intern Shirt galactica tshirt mesosphere interns
    Mesosphere Intern Shirt
  15. Mesosphere Office Mockup office mesosphere elevator floor menu way finding
    Mesosphere Office Mockup
  16. How It Works how it works design green phone office clean website infographic h1 studios
    How It Works
  17. Message Thread wireframe ux ui ios app message real-estate agents blue chat nyc
    Message Thread
  18. New Phone.com Logo logo gif branding green identity phone animated
    New Phone.com Logo
  19. Concept UI for a project ui concept ui
    Concept UI for a project
  20. Philips Hue + iBeacons Concept Wireframe philips hue ibeacons the future home automation concept wireframes
    Philips Hue + iBeacons Concept Wireframe
  21. Surviving your first week in NYC, Badges.
    Surviving your first week in NYC, Badges.
  22. "Hell, I can get us home." beer nyc subway texture
    "Hell, I can get us home."
  23. Diamonds are Forever. badges gold texture denim photoshop magic ampersand hipster love diamonds proposal
    Diamonds are Forever.
  24. Winner's Cup Mockup GIF mock up beer gif cup drink glass victory
    Winner's Cup Mockup GIF
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