1. Lovey Dove Baked Goods modern feminine lovey dove baked goods baking bakery geometric bird logo design logo palette color color palette identity branding dove love
    View Lovey Dove Baked Goods
    Lovey Dove Baked Goods
  2. Adventure Woof Pack - Geocaching Activity Sticker illustration landscape vector activity outdoor nature adventure adventure woof pack woof pack dog binoculars geocaching design sticker
    View Adventure Woof Pack - Geocaching Activity Sticker
    Adventure Woof Pack - Geocaching Activity Sticker
  3. Pump Operation Animation branding technical motion graphics illustration infographic after effects animation
    View Pump Operation Animation
    Pump Operation Animation
  4. Adventure Woof Pack No. 2 logo design logo hiking exploring camping parks badge outdoor logo outdoor adventure dog adventure logo adventure woof pack woof pup dog logo dog illustration dog
    View Adventure Woof Pack No. 2
    Adventure Woof Pack No. 2
  5. Adventure Woof Pack No. 1 logo design brand identity illustrated logo illustration branding brand typography logo outdoor logo nature outdoor pup woof pack woof adventure dog dog logo dog illustration adventure dog
    View Adventure Woof Pack No. 1
    Adventure Woof Pack No. 1
  6. Made in Oregon b2b cannabis branding cannabis brand design branding neon gif animated gif portland oregon retro vintage white stag sign white stag pdx portland oregon made in oregon sign neon
    View Made in Oregon
    Made in Oregon
  7. Crystal Dribbble mystic future fortune teller sticker mule entry sticker pack dribbble crystal ball
    View Crystal Dribbble
    Crystal Dribbble
  8. Ragsdale Photography Logo Design brand identity retro vintage photographer script typography logo design logo
    View Ragsdale Photography Logo Design
    Ragsdale Photography Logo Design
  9. Strings & Things Studio Identity quirky diy crochet knitting crafty studio workshop ampersand logo mark logo cards business cards
    View Strings & Things Studio Identity
    Strings & Things Studio Identity
  10. Tale of Rust Logo Concept 1 graphic novel action rust texture splatter grunge logotype logo comic book
    View Tale of Rust Logo Concept 1
    Tale of Rust Logo Concept 1
  11. String Inspired Script bouncy playful rounded typography type lettering hand lettering hand drawn hand written stringy string script
    View String Inspired Script
    String Inspired Script
  12. Swinetooth and the Moonbats! epic gradients lens flare drop shadows throwback eighties retro 80s logo comic book comic
    View Swinetooth and the Moonbats!
    Swinetooth and the Moonbats!
  13. Galactic 80's funky universe galactic space vintage typography type retro eighties 1980s
    View Galactic 80's
    Galactic 80's
  14. Folsom Street Chains accessories jewelry leather bondage chains folsom street branding business card
    View Folsom Street Chains
    Folsom Street Chains
  15. Lttlwlf Art Brand Identity glass artist geometric rune mandala artist logo logo design logo identity brand identity brand
    View Lttlwlf Art Brand Identity
    Lttlwlf Art Brand Identity
  16. McGillivray Construction Brand Identity construction site barricade signage construction monogram m logo logo design brand identity branding brand
    View McGillivray Construction Brand Identity
    McGillivray Construction Brand Identity
  17. Elementary School Logo design logo illustration flat vector explore space stars book rocket school elementary
    View Elementary School Logo
    Elementary School Logo
  18. Literary Women 2016 program festival books banner watercolor carlyodesign carlyo women literary
    View Literary Women 2016
    Literary Women 2016
  19. Literary Women '15 - Unused Concept program brochure festival literature vector illustration carlyo carlyodesign
    View Literary Women '15 - Unused Concept
    Literary Women '15 - Unused Concept
  20. Building Blocks - Rebranding WIP corporate rebranding rebrand logo dimension depth geometric hexagon construction rough concept wip minimal
    View Building Blocks - Rebranding WIP
    Building Blocks - Rebranding WIP
  21. Stay Lucky carlyo carlyodesign business card hair stylist hair dresser tattoo traditional banner branding brand identity
    View Stay Lucky
    Stay Lucky
  22. WA...? carly o typography custom type illustration serifs shading dimension hand lettering tattoos skateboard deck branding
    View WA...?
  23. Countdown carlyo carlyodesign countdown timer clock landing page texture stereoscopic 3d festival music minimalist
    View Countdown
  24. Stereoscopic Skull carlyo carlyodesign stereoscopic skull music logo branding 3d dimension blur warp
    View Stereoscopic Skull
    Stereoscopic Skull
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