1. Budicon Classic 2.0 - 100% svg icon svg sketch ui icon budi icon icon budicon icon set
    Budicon Classic 2.0 - 100%
  2. Budicon 2.0 (70%) sketch svg icon animal hedgehog vector icon food travel work living room icon set icon budicon
    Budicon 2.0 (70%)
  3. Budicon-Chroma 50% minimal color icon chroma chromaicon budi icon budicon icon icon set
    Budicon-Chroma 50%
  4. Marvel Dual Tone minimalist free icon stroke icon dual-tone dual tone icon marvel icon set icon
    Marvel Dual Tone
  5. Bank Icon - Rejected version icon set building icon finance bank monoline line budi icon icon
    Bank Icon - Rejected version
  6. The Tired Gal girl mograph motion illustration animation
    The Tired Gal
  7. Style Exploration medicine drug drugs medical illustration vector icon
    Style Exploration
  8. Medical Icon medicine drug drugs medical illustration vector icon
    Medical Icon
  9. Icon Suite Vol 2 colorful icon color icon license chat chat icon team finance budi icon icon
    Icon Suite Vol 2
  10. Budicon Gradient glyph icon set icon gradient budicon
    Budicon Gradient
  11. Marvel Icons free icon icon set ui icon user interface finance bank monoline line budi icon icon
    Marvel Icons
  12. Shipp Calendar ios ux ui logistic appointment calendar
    Shipp Calendar
  13. Shipp app - Tracking courier shipping logistic iphone mobile ios application ui ux
    Shipp app - Tracking
  14. RushTax Float Form gif animation float form form ui web simple minimal ux html interaction buditanrim
    RushTax Float Form
  15. Recharge Cover - Women colorful magazine local magazine cover magazine cover illustration minimum minimalistic modern
    Recharge Cover - Women
  16. Recharge Cover modern minimalistic minimum illustration magazine cover cover local magazine magazine
    Recharge Cover
  17. Icon Suite dashboard reward report management feedback budi icon icon illustration
    Icon Suite
  18. Hosting Icons budi icon web server cdn dns tech server hosting illustration icon icon set
    Hosting Icons
  19. Netflix & Chill invitation invite illustration
    Netflix & Chill
  20. Dudes in action
    Dudes in action
  21. Learnicon : Phone grid phone illustrator construction icon tips
    Learnicon : Phone
  22. Chromaicon Test Pack budi icon free icon set freebie icon set filled mono icon chromaicon
    Chromaicon Test Pack
  23. Gemicon Isometri Launch launch freebie isometri isometric icon gemicon
    Gemicon Isometri Launch
  24. Gemicon Iso (2) audio radio vintage speaker market shop illustration icon icon set
    Gemicon Iso (2)
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