1. Qualitative Data

  2. Better Buy Logo

  3. Mt. Massive, Colorado

  4. Mt. Lindsey, Colorado

  5. # of Visits vs. Volume vs. Visit Type Graph

  6. Logo concept for a Climate Change initiative

  7. Another teaser poster shot

  8. Poster Snippet

  9. Another Inter-relational human services logo concept

  10. Inter-relational human services logo concept

  11. Colorado Mine Seed Mix Detail

  12. Oil and Gas Lease Advocacy Cover

  13. Detail of a gold mine headframe illustration

  14. Water Demand Chart

  15. Minimal data map

  16. Longwall Mining visualization

  17. Agricultural Production vs. Deforestation in Brazil

  18. Commercial Agriculture and Deforestation map

  19. Architectural study near the Tetons for the NPS

  20. Average vs. high/low measurements

  21. Many charts, one report

  22. Beer Coasters for a Cause

  23. Spent vs. Saved

  24. Layout with cropped hand-lettering

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