1. Nomadic Website css front-end development html illustration responsive web design
    View Nomadic Website
    Nomadic Website
  2. Resource Search categories filter filters product product design search ux design
    View Resource Search
    Resource Search
  3. Notifications Panel feed notifications product product design ux design
    View Notifications Panel
    Notifications Panel
  4. Nomadic Admin Icons icon menu navigation ui ui design user interface
    View Nomadic Admin Icons
    Nomadic Admin Icons
  5. Team Module mobile-first responsive user interface ux
    View Team Module
    Team Module
  6. Platform Navigation mobile-first navigation responsive touch typographic ui user experience ux
    View Platform Navigation
    Platform Navigation
  7. Open Enrollment Flow purchase responsive sign up user experience design
    View Open Enrollment Flow
    Open Enrollment Flow
  8. Branding exploration brand design branding lettering logo design typography wordmark
    View Branding exploration
    Branding exploration
  9. Stats Widget analytics stats ui design ux design
    View Stats Widget
    Stats Widget
  10. Incidents Reporting product design responsive design web app
    View Incidents Reporting
    Incidents Reporting
  11. Nomadic CMS cms editing interface product design ui
    View Nomadic CMS
    Nomadic CMS
  12. Detail of Detailed Reports ios mobile app product design ux design
    View Detail of Detailed Reports
    Detail of Detailed Reports
  13. Connect Code ios mobile app product design ux design
    View Connect Code
    Connect Code
  14. PBS KIDS Super Vision App ios mobile app product design ux design
    View PBS KIDS Super Vision App
    PBS KIDS Super Vision App
  15. Dead Dashboard data visualization flat grid
    View Dead Dashboard
    Dead Dashboard
  16. My Baltimore Book front-end-development responsive web
    View My Baltimore Book
    My Baltimore Book
  17. Commentary Added
    View Commentary Added
    Commentary Added
  18. Nomadic Conversations chat conversation responsive ui user experience ux visual design
    View Nomadic Conversations
    Nomadic Conversations
  19. Nomadic Programs Final photography responsive ui visual design
    View Nomadic Programs Final
    Nomadic Programs Final
  20. Nomadic Programs Iteration photography responsive ui visual design
    View Nomadic Programs Iteration
    Nomadic Programs Iteration
  21. Exploring City Data bar charts choropleth maps data data visualization mapping maps open data small multiples
    View Exploring City Data
    Exploring City Data
  22. Personal Site Iteration css html iteration personal site portfolio web design
    View Personal Site Iteration
    Personal Site Iteration
  23. Community Achievement Scorecard data visualization design info design infographics information visualization print typography
    View Community Achievement Scorecard
    Community Achievement Scorecard
  24. A focus on teams case study design portfolio product team teams ui ux work
    View A focus on teams
    A focus on teams
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