Landing page Open Dialog

September 05, 2018

Check out the new landing page 👉 It presents all projects and activities of Open Dialog, a french organization that develops tools and platforms to enhance participation and transparency in the democracy.

Teasing — New democratic platform

December 13, 2017

Soon in the french democratech environment: a new platform that will inventory all promises of elected politicians and their level of achievement. Already in development 💪 and soon in journalist hands 💻. By the Open Dialog team ✌️

Bot Open Dialog — Concept

August 31, 2016

Reflexion around a bot concept that could be used by users of the Open Dialog platform. The idea is to build a widget that our users could integrate on their own website. By using data of different open conversations already existing, it...

Open Dialog pre-launch

February 12, 2016

Proud to announce that we are now ready to launch the first release of our dialog platform 🚀 Well, Open Dialog is a new (🇫🇷 ) platform that offers a new way to create dialog between people. The solution is designed for associations, foun...

Logo Open Dialog

December 09, 2015

I think I'm close to the final version. Logo for a future startup called Open Dialog, a new platform that will offer a new way to create dialog between people. Solution dedicated for associations, foundation and other communities. http:...