Browser navigation history

September 27, 2017

New release of the user interface for the plugin

Browser navigation history

February 06, 2017

Working on a new experience and interface of browser history, for the project.

Responsive landing page Pumgrana

January 25, 2016

The responsive versions for the next landing of the Pumgrana plugin.

Landing page Pumgrana

January 20, 2016

Landing page close to be ready for a pre-launch in private beta 🚀🏁 We want to look like as simple as our product is :)

Opening animation

October 21, 2015

Animation prototype for the opening of the future Pumgrana plugin. This plugin open a shutter, over the current content, that displays a list of related contents.

Logo Pumgrana

October 20, 2015

Update of the Pumgrana's logo. Pumgrana is an open source navigation engine project. You can follow news about it on our Twitter account 😗