Degry - Weather forecast application [w/ free promo codes]

October 09, 2016

Hello Dribbblers, i updated to my weather forecast iOS project 'Degry'. I made it with ionic framework and i used to google firebase service for settings to language, units, favourite cities, etc. Maybe you want to check it out. https:/...

Wind Icons [sketch]

February 23, 2016

I was working on my Degry weather app for some updates and i thought i must show wind details with these icons. And you can use too. If you like it press "L" (: Have fun!

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Weather Icons [sketch]

February 17, 2016

Hi friends, i was working on a weather application and i used icons that i created for that application. I decided that i can publish these icons for free. You can download package that contains .png and .sketch files. And maybe you wa...

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Share Screen

February 07, 2016

Hi folks, i'm working on a weather application that i'm creating with ionic framework. This is custom share modalbox screen. I hope you like it.


Weather Application [Sketch] [Principle]

December 30, 2015

Hey everyone, i'm working on a weather application for ios. All designers should try a weather app design, it's so funny (: I added some animation with principleformac app. So, now i'm looking an api for these datas. I hope you can dow...

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