1. Winter Spring Toggle interactive components ui figma prototyping prototype glassmorphism glass effect toggle button toggle switch switch spring winter toggle
    View Winter Spring Toggle
    Winter Spring Toggle
  2. Glass Icons Exploration exploration image figma icon design iconography iconset rocket notifications weather search chat settings folder illustration frosted icons glass icons icons
    View Glass Icons Exploration
    Glass Icons Exploration
  3. 3D Weather Icon 3d illustration sky sun spline illustration weather clouds 3d icon weather icon
    View 3D Weather Icon
    3D Weather Icon
  4. Best 9 of 2020 icons best 9 ui product design 2020 dribbble shots best of 2020
    View Best 9 of 2020
    Best 9 of 2020
  5. Teacher Dashboard Redesign online learning elearning dashboard ui classroom management prototyping wireframes class progress manage students lesson progress expanded row adobe xd tab navigation ui product design student progress data table teacher dashboard
    View Teacher Dashboard Redesign
    Teacher Dashboard Redesign
  6. Battery Details Exploration tags figma charging battery life ui product design equipment details device status monitoring device battery battery
    View Battery Details Exploration
    Battery Details Exploration
  7. Dribbble Media Filter Idea dribbble request select dropdown menu figma media type product design idea dribbble filter dribbble feature
    View Dribbble Media Filter Idea
    Dribbble Media Filter Idea
  8. Pattern Library design system menu button states figma styles color palette icons form fields product design patterns buttons components styleguide pattern library
    View Pattern Library
    Pattern Library
  9. Student Progress Data Table warning alert bullet graph adobe xd growth chart filtering data column student tracking uxdesign product design uidesign student progress chart graphic table data visualization data table
    View Student Progress Data Table
    Student Progress Data Table
  10. Notes Box notes app collapse expand ui notes widget note adobe xd product design article notes
    View Notes Box
    Notes Box
  11. Reactions Feature ui adobe xd product design emoji set smiley face thumbs up like emoticon rating emoji reactions
    View Reactions Feature
    Reactions Feature
  12. Progress Bar goal progress tracker badges achievements product design ui unlocked edtech adobe xd light mode dark mode gamification locked level up steps milestones progress bar
    View Progress Bar
    Progress Bar
  13. Icons for student lesson page reading edtech article poll folder thought brain drag and drop math extras vocabulary adobe xd illustrator elearning icons ui iconset icons
    View Icons for student lesson page
    Icons for student lesson page
  14. Advanced Search Filtering keyword remove add product design date range adobexd add search ui keyword search and or search filtering
    View Advanced Search Filtering
    Advanced Search Filtering
  15. #Exploration Button auto-animate adobexd icon ui shopping check-out button states button animation microinteraction hover button
    View #Exploration Button
    #Exploration Button
  16. Product Card Carousel Mobile product design online shopping checkout adobe xd ui auto car parts filters mobile shopping ecommerce cards product cards product carousel car accessories
    View Product Card Carousel Mobile
    Product Card Carousel Mobile
  17. Product Card Carousel adobe xd car accessories car parts filtering product design checkout online shopping products ecommcerce product carousel product card
    View Product Card Carousel
    Product Card Carousel
  18. Bitmoji Kit Guidlines product design adobe xd snap kit documentation chat ui mock-ups mobile avatars app rules guidelines snapchat bitmoji
    View Bitmoji Kit Guidlines
    Bitmoji Kit Guidlines
  19. #Exploration Lesson Customization check customize adobe xd elearning edtech lesson type cards unlock lock course chips select lesson custom lesson
    View #Exploration Lesson Customization
    #Exploration Lesson Customization
  20. #Exploration Dark vs Light UI adobe xd table row side menu side nav metrics data table e-learning edtech light to dark dark mode dark ui dashboard
    View #Exploration Dark vs Light UI
    #Exploration Dark vs Light UI
  21. #Exploration Teacher Dashboard education data analytics adobe xd product design elearning edtech teacher portal sidebar side nav data table ui dashboard
    View #Exploration Teacher Dashboard
    #Exploration Teacher Dashboard
  22. #Exploration Article & Activity Interaction split-screen adobe xd lesson question ux ui poll education kids learning quiz activity edtech article elearning
    View #Exploration Article & Activity Interaction
    #Exploration Article & Activity Interaction
  23. #Exploration  Article & Activity Interaction student activity reading poll steps splitscreen activity quiz highlighting lesson edtech article elearning product design ux ui
    View #Exploration Article & Activity Interaction
    #Exploration Article & Activity Interaction
  24. Catering Dashboard cart adobe xd shopping ui delivery menu food ordering catering dashboard
    View Catering Dashboard
    Catering Dashboard
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