In the late 2000s I was introduced to my first professional film set (Wolven - VRT), and the love has remained ever since. My main portfolio consists of Motion Screen Graphics, a.ka. "Fake Screens", such as mobile app simulations or spyware interfaces. Next to UI graphics, I like to produce 3D printed props and IoT devices as well. Former CEO of a Product Development agency, Creative Technologist today.

Brussels, Belgium

Member since Feb 2024

Mobile Design

UI / Visual Design

Product Design

CTO / Product Designer at SOLO 2022–2023

Creative Technologist at TUI 2016–2017

Co-founder at Cloudoki 2015–2022

Creative Director at BM Group 2012–2015

Graphic Design, HIGRO/VISO 1999

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Koen Betsens