A passionate UI/UX designer — digital product designer who love to hear customer needs. Live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and work as a Design Director at Agensip (www.agensip.com).

email: afif@agensip.com
skype: aveef.com
more info: linkedin.com/in/aveef


Dribbble Pro

Member since Mar 2012

Leadership 3–5 years

UI / Visual Design 6–8 years

Product Design 3–5 years

UI/UX Design Mentor at Binar Academy 2017–2018

Design Director at Agensip Creative Agency 2017–Present

Lead UI Designer at uxmarker 2017–2018

UI/UX Designer at BitCreative - App Design Agency 2015–2017

UI Design Competitor at Topcoder 2015–Present

UI/UX Designer at Blu Sky Technology Solutions Inc. 2015–2015

UI Designer at Jiffy Apps 2014–2015

Professional Freelancer at Upwork 2014–Present

Professional UI/UX Designer at Upwork 2014–2018

UI & UX Director at Veo Creative 2012–2015

Graphic Designer at Huge Daily Deal, LLC 2011–2011

Web & Graphic Designer at PT. Pragma Informatika 2011–2012

Creative Designer at Amikom Innovation Center 2010–2011

Master, Amikom University of Yogyakarta 2012

Bachelor, Amikom University of Yogyakarta 2007

Senior High School, SMKN 3 Yogyakarta 2003

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