Apple Music Ui Kit

February 14, 2019

The Apple OS UI kit (music edition) is still available! • 👉 Download this UI-Kit ! • View the Behance project - Hope you like it! Press "L" on your keyboard if you do and follow me to not miss upcoming work. Take Care &...

Mac OS dock icons vectorized

November 25, 2017

Your support for my latest redesign has been amazing! Thank you for your warm comments and thank you for understanding the intent behind an unsolicited redesign. This is my way of saying thanks: • Download the 12 icons!! I am not an il...

Dribbble finder yes

Apple OS / MacOS - Finder UI motion

November 18, 2017

Early concepts for some Finder visual direction & interaction. Take Care & Love from Montréal! - • View the Behance project • Check out the Youtube video • Join my personal email list (tutos, tips, freebies) • Download this d...

Dribbble 3d mac   fast 5

Apple OS / Mac OS - Big Sur prediction - iOS Product Design UX

November 11, 2017

This is a concept that I had in mind for a long time and I am happy to share it with you today. It is an unsolicited visual direction exploration done just for fun. The goal wasn't to solve every problem and it is by no means stating tha...

Dribbble safari color

Safari Browser - Chameleon UI

November 08, 2017

What if safari would change its colors depending on the website you are looking at, for a more immersive browsing experience? Might be challenging to make a distinction between the actions/icons of the browser vs the web pages, but I th...

Dribbble room offset7

Siri assistant AR Hologram

October 21, 2017

Hi everyone, It has been a long time. For those who asked me the reason of me posting less often, it is summed up in 3 words: focus, balance, and sustainability. But it has been one year, so I thought I would come by and say hello. H...

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