1. Dog Resume clean resume dogs wip
    View Dog Resume
    Dog Resume
  2. MongoDB Atlas Activity Cards loading spinner progress material ux ui cards
    View MongoDB Atlas Activity Cards
    MongoDB Atlas Activity Cards
  3. Database Node Navigator sticky d3 graphs charts data animation ux ui
    View Database Node Navigator
    Database Node Navigator
  4. Atlas Pricing Brainstorm tooltip hover ui payment emoji pricing icon
    View Atlas Pricing Brainstorm
    Atlas Pricing Brainstorm
  5. Vocalizer Logo sans-serif icon geometric typeface logo
    View Vocalizer Logo
    Vocalizer Logo
  6. Storage Slider Specs usability ux specs ui slider
    View Storage Slider Specs
    Storage Slider Specs
  7. Date/Time Picker Component component ui picker time date
    View Date/Time Picker Component
    Date/Time Picker Component
  8. MongoDB Training Portal clean admin list dropdown ui
    View MongoDB Training Portal
    MongoDB Training Portal
  9. MongoDB Atlas - Cluster Builder buttons form ux ui
    View MongoDB Atlas - Cluster Builder
    MongoDB Atlas - Cluster Builder
  10. Tent UI ui ui design ux mobile branding ux design logo design
    View Tent UI
    Tent UI
  11. The Most Destructive Wildfires in North America design information design typography
    View The Most Destructive Wildfires in North America
    The Most Destructive Wildfires in North America
  12. Monster Films – Preview infographic information design
    View Monster Films – Preview
    Monster Films – Preview
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