1. Sun Squad Packaging branding color hangtag packaging pool float summer sun logo
    View Sun Squad Packaging
    Sun Squad Packaging
  2. Sun Squad branding branding agency bright color cooper black fun hangtag logo packaging photography retail summer target
    View Sun Squad
    Sun Squad
  3. Valentine's Day bye color hand lettering illustration lettering love procreate single valentine
    View Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day
  4. Lady Bops Playlist color hand lettering lettering music pink procreate script type
    View Lady Bops Playlist
    Lady Bops Playlist
  5. 2018 - Top 4 Shots branding color fun hand drawn hand lettering lettering logo pattern type vector
    View 2018 - Top 4 Shots
    2018 - Top 4 Shots
  6. Too Much but Never Enough color fun hand lettering illustration insecure lettering rainbow script type typography
    View Too Much but Never Enough
    Too Much but Never Enough
  7. DĂ­a De Muertos Branding branding calavera color cut paper day of the dead dia de muertos logo packaging papel picado skull sugar skull
    View DĂ­a De Muertos Branding
    DĂ­a De Muertos Branding
  8. Target x Disney Summer Packaging 2018 beach chair disney fun hangtag packaging seasonal summer sun target
    View Target x Disney Summer Packaging 2018
    Target x Disney Summer Packaging 2018
  9. Needle & Thread Mark icon illustration loop mark needle swash thread vector
    View Needle & Thread Mark
    Needle & Thread Mark
  10. Circle Pattern circle green hand drawn pattern round stripes texture yellow
    View Circle Pattern
    Circle Pattern
  11. Whim Baked Bakery aiga branding command x cookie leaf logo marijuana ornamental pot type typography weed
    View Whim Baked Bakery
    Whim Baked Bakery
  12. Travel (RIP) custom decorative ornament serif travel type typography
    View Travel (RIP)
    Travel (RIP)
  13. Spooky Scary Skeletons cane cool halloween illustration lettering scary skeleton skull spooky top hat
    View Spooky Scary Skeletons
    Spooky Scary Skeletons
  14. Minneapolis Logo + Mural aiga command x cool illustration logo minneapolis mpls mural serif type typography
    View Minneapolis Logo + Mural
    Minneapolis Logo + Mural
  15. Lorde Lettering lettering lorde melodrama music neon pop serif sparkle type typography
    View Lorde Lettering
    Lorde Lettering
  16. Kesha Lettering display kesha lettering music pop rainbow type typography western
    View Kesha Lettering
    Kesha Lettering
  17. New Personal Mark color hand drawn illustration lettering logo typography yay
    View New Personal Mark
    New Personal Mark
  18. Target Wallpaper Illustrations bullseye dog fun hand drawn illustration lettering pennant run target
    View Target Wallpaper Illustrations
    Target Wallpaper Illustrations
  19. POPTIMISM! Badges badge color illustration minimal modern monoline pop popsicle poptimism summer sun
    View POPTIMISM! Badges
    POPTIMISM! Badges
  20. Whatever hand drawn lettering photoshop script typography whatever
    View Whatever
  21. Good Luck - You'll Need It: Preview 2 2016 foil good lettering luck ornament serif type typography
    View Good Luck - You'll Need It: Preview 2
    Good Luck - You'll Need It: Preview 2
  22. Good Luck - You'll Need It: Preview foil fortune four leaf clover gallery gold good horse shoe illustration ladybug light grey art lab luck ornate
    View Good Luck - You'll Need It: Preview
    Good Luck - You'll Need It: Preview
  23. New Website art direction branding illustration logo new packaging portfolio website
    View New Website
    New Website
  24. Wondershop at Target branding christmas flourish illustration logo packaging snow swash target wondershop
    View Wondershop at Target
    Wondershop at Target
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