1. Monitoring app infrastructure construction android mobile survey app monitoring
    View Monitoring app
    Monitoring app
  2. Survey app login list material android kobo toolbox survey
    View Survey app
    Survey app
  3. Dashboard for a School Management Platform dashboard radial progress bar chart pie chart graphs visualization data
    View Dashboard for a School Management Platform
    Dashboard for a School Management Platform
  4. Choropleth Map charts dashboard choropleth map heat map map choropleth
    View Choropleth Map
    Choropleth Map
  5. Dashboard progress bar radial graph map bar chart charts progress efficiency monitoring dashboard
    View Dashboard
  6. Resource Projects - Designing data visualization bar graph maps choropleth maps bubble chart graphs visualization data
    View Resource Projects - Designing data visualization
    Resource Projects - Designing data visualization
  7. Biryani tee love for biryani bae cloth tee t-shirt biryani
    View Biryani tee
    Biryani tee
  8. Tender Alert android react native mobile app filters onboarding list tender
    View Tender Alert
    Tender Alert
  9. Being Efficient in UI Design with Sketch plugins libraries symbols sketch course sketch class ux ui sketch sketch app course skillshare
    View Being Efficient in UI Design with Sketch
    Being Efficient in UI Design with Sketch
  10. POI map interaction web ux ui animation prototype map poi
    View POI map interaction
    POI map interaction
  11. ESCR app cultural social economic rights constitution sdg blue material android
    View ESCR app
    ESCR app
  12. Animating with After Effects letter letter a a after effects animation
    View Animating with After Effects
    Animating with After Effects
  13. Portrait adobe illustrator vector portrait illustration
    View Portrait
  14. Happy Dashain illustration fun family dussera bada dashain bijaya dashami festival dashain
    View Happy Dashain
    Happy Dashain
  15. Split Screen UI monitoring development check split screen landing page
    View Split Screen UI
    Split Screen UI
  16. Cocktail illustration sketch app cover image blog post younginnovations confetti drink lemon summer weekly cocktail
    View Cocktail
  17. YoungInnovations split screen orange web agency homepage landing page website
    View YoungInnovations
  18. Events by YoungInnovations animation calendar events google sheets react
    View Events by YoungInnovations
    Events by YoungInnovations
  19. Public Procurement Transparency radial graph visualization graph procurement transparency open data open contracting
    View Public Procurement Transparency
    Public Procurement Transparency
  20. Designing in Figma visualization map house shelter icons bar graphs graphs ui uidesign figma
    View Designing in Figma
    Designing in Figma
  21. Leaf + Mountain Logomark plant logomark summit startup nepal mountain leaf
    View Leaf + Mountain Logomark
    Leaf + Mountain Logomark
  22. Open Contracting Showcase tree map tenders map line graph data visualization data analysis chart open data contracts nepal
    View Open Contracting Showcase
    Open Contracting Showcase
  23. Dragon Fruit pitaya d alphabet fruit
    View Dragon Fruit
    Dragon Fruit
  24. Happy Tihar 2016 festival celebration lights greetings diwali deepawali
    View Happy Tihar 2016
    Happy Tihar 2016
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