1. The Giant aftereffects animation character loop motiondesignschool walk cycle
    View The Giant
    The Giant
  2. Walk Cycle Moods aftereffects angry animation character feeling feminine happy lame loop mood motiondesignschool sad walk cycle
    View Walk Cycle Moods
    Walk Cycle Moods
  3. The Candy Shop Neon Sign (Monday's Challenge #15) aftereffects animation challenge earth floating illustration logo loop moon motion graphics neon sign space stars
    View The Candy Shop Neon Sign (Monday's Challenge #15)
    The Candy Shop Neon Sign (Monday's Challenge #15)
  4. Trapped abstract aftereffects animation feeling geometric loop motion graphics motiondesignschool neon shapes trapped
    View Trapped
  5. Day to Night aftereffects animation day illustration loop moon motiondesignschool mountain night river sun tent winter
    View Day to Night
    Day to Night
  6. Fishy fish aftereffects animation design fish illustration lake music video sea seasons water
    View Fishy fish
    Fishy fish
  7. "Anotimpuri / Seasons" Music Video - Intro Shot aftereffects animation character illustration music video photoshop seasons story winter
    View "Anotimpuri / Seasons" Music Video - Intro Shot
    "Anotimpuri / Seasons" Music Video - Intro Shot
  8. Character head rig test aftereffects animation character duik head illustration loop rig
    View Character head rig test
    Character head rig test
  9. The Candy Shop Logo Lettering aftereffects animation lettering logo motiondesignschool
    View The Candy Shop Logo Lettering
    The Candy Shop Logo Lettering
  10. Morphing Circus aftereffects animation circus illustration jester medieval morphing motiondesignschool tent transition
    View Morphing Circus
    Morphing Circus
  11. Deep into the woods animation eye forest illustration loop motiondesignschool night owl recursion reflection rescursive woods
    View Deep into the woods
    Deep into the woods
  12. Glitch Banana banana glitch glitch effect illustration motiondesignschool
    View Glitch Banana
    Glitch Banana
  13. Restless animation clock computer dark illustration lavalamp liquid motion moody motiondesignschool night planets rain smartphone workplace
    View Restless
  14. Newton's Cradle animation illustration motiondesignschool newtons cradle pendulum
    View Newton's Cradle
    Newton's Cradle
  15. Stairing at Balls animation ball balls bounce illustration motiondesignschool stairs window
    View Stairing at Balls
    Stairing at Balls
  16. Orbiting a clouded space animation earth motiondesignschool planets sun
    View Orbiting a clouded space
    Orbiting a clouded space
  17. Goat on a Boat. animation boat goat illustration motiondesignschool sea waves
    View Goat on a Boat.
    Goat on a Boat.
  18. GROW animation grow motiondesignschool shape animation text
    View GROW
  19. Mystery Shack Bounce animation bounce cartoon disney gravity falls illustration motiondesignschool mystery shack theme
    View Mystery Shack Bounce
    Mystery Shack Bounce
  20. Retro Snake Game animation console design game gameboy illustration motiondesignschool retro snake
    View Retro Snake Game
    Retro Snake Game
  21. Twin Peaks Patterns animation loop loop animation motiondesignschool pattern pattern design theme theme design twin peaks
    View Twin Peaks Patterns
    Twin Peaks Patterns
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