1. Micro-interactions | Date Picker web website web design ui design product design motion graphics motion design interface interactive ui animation dropdown date picker calendar date ampersandrew
    Micro-interactions | Date Picker
  2. IBM Design | Microinteractions animation webdesign web design website web dashboard ui dashboard design dashboard ampersandrew interaction design product design charts motion graphics motion design ui design interactive ibm design interface ui
    IBM Design | Microinteractions
  3. ampersandrew | badge animated gif animation gfx motion graphics motion motion design ampersandrew ampersand texas austin texas austin circle badge branding logo
    ampersandrew | badge
  4. Carmel, Indiana midwest vector illustration monon center buildings trees sun indianapolis indiana
    Carmel, Indiana
  5. Motiv Athletics | Brand Guidelines logo branding typography indianapolis gym indy indiana mark brand guidelines style guide idenity brand identity crossfit fitness athletic branding athletic logo
    Motiv Athletics | Brand Guidelines
  6. Nested tree leaf home bowl nested nest bird logo design branding logo
  7. Gathering Church | Artboard mark badges branding design circle monogram jesus church badge logo branding
    Gathering Church | Artboard
  8. IBM | Expressive Type ibm ibm plex ibm design
    IBM | Expressive Type
  9. Nested Spaces | Badge home nest bird circle illustration badge branding logo
    Nested Spaces | Badge
  10. Will Solomon | Blue Earth, White Sun, Red Mars star sun mars earth planet monogram space branding logo typogaphy badges
    Will Solomon | Blue Earth, White Sun, Red Mars
  11. IBMd badge gradient illustration illustrator typography austin shadow ibm plex ibm design ibm type
  12. Gathering Church | Branding R2 indy lettering mark church branding monogram c g monoweight detroit church indianapolis script logo branding
    Gathering Church | Branding R2
  13. Will Solomon | Sticker red blue and white blue globe sun mars earth space planet branding stickermule sticker
    Will Solomon | Sticker
  14. IBM | Illustration Standards bacon branding vector lettering typography type isometric design illustration ibm plex ibm ibm design isometric trimetric
    IBM | Illustration Standards
  15. IBM | Launch Control vector illustration illustration liftoff bacon ibm plex ibm design ibm button timer space thrust planet moon rocket
    IBM | Launch Control
  16. Duck View Lane mail address return duck bird sun cattail stamp geese water float migrate
    Duck View Lane
  17. Community of Strength | Patch badge patch fitness gym indianapolis indiana
    Community of Strength | Patch
  18. Dainese Motorsports | Flags banner knife bike skull motorsports motorcycle italy badge animation flag
    Dainese Motorsports | Flags
  19. Ford.com | Global Redesign ux vehicle automotive car detroit website web ui ford
    Ford.com | Global Redesign
  20. Champion Water | Hand Drop palm drip rain hand africa wells drop water
    Champion Water | Hand Drop
  21. Iron Valley Barbell | Community of Strength gym typography indianapolis monogram mark badge logo
    Iron Valley Barbell | Community of Strength
  22. Iron Valley Barbell | Flag Tee tshirt tee shirt indy indianapolis indiana gym fitness barbell
    Iron Valley Barbell | Flag Tee
  23. Jog-A-Thon | Artboard varsity branding logo race jog runner run hat banner eagle
    Jog-A-Thon | Artboard
  24. Motiv Athletics | 2019 Open logo crossfit indiana badge typogaphy gym logo gym indianapolis branding
    Motiv Athletics | 2019 Open
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