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They tend to be forgotten at times. In the midst of delivery schedules, redesigns and adding additional required features, microinteractions are often one of the first things to become lost in the delivery process. Microinteractions hold a unique ability to actually solve a lot of the reasons they gets pushed to the side initially. Movement, even in some of the most simplest of forms, can really enhance how a user feels when interacting with software. If the thoughts behind the motion are purposeful, the user is provided with a sense of knowing and maintaining their place through the process they’re trying to complete. Providing contextually relevant actions act as almost a tangible mental touchpoint making the user feel more connected to the task at hand.

What would IBM’s interfaces look like if they took a step towards how consumer grade software presents itself? How can motion be infused to feel like it’s helping the user along verse slowing them down? Could motion cover up some of the load times that come with the multiple server calls? The goal was to look through these lenses and see what IBM’s software would look like on the other side.

The above is an exploration of just that.

Work created by Ruben Fernandez and myself.

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