1. Voice Record bubble framer pause play prototype record sound stop voice wave
    View Voice Record
    Voice Record
  2. Carousel anim book card carousel discover framer gif motion graphic prototype wechat weread
    View Carousel
  3. Bookshelf anim book delete framer gif motion graphic prototype select shelf wechat weread
    View Bookshelf
  4. Dribbble Invites anim card dribbble flip framer gif invite motion graphic origami paper prototype rocket
    View Dribbble Invites
    Dribbble Invites
  5. QMUI Icons [Sketch] anim framer gif icon illustration motion graphic qmui qqmail
    View QMUI Icons [Sketch]
    QMUI Icons [Sketch]
  6. Like Me, Like Me Not anim framer gif heart like motion graphic prototype
    View Like Me, Like Me Not
    Like Me, Like Me Not
  7. Construct! anim article card coffee earpod framer gif illustration motion graphic pen phone ui
    View Construct!
  8. Write Your Story article card coffee earpod illustration paint pen phone story ui
    View Write Your Story
    Write Your Story
  9. Music Player anim framer gif motion graphic music player sound volume wave
    View Music Player
    Music Player
  10. Listen to Your Book anim book framer gif motion graphic player proto read voice wave wechat weread
    View Listen to Your Book
    Listen to Your Book
  11. Reading Profile book button card like list profile read star ui user wechat weread
    View Reading Profile
    Reading Profile
  12. Book List Concept anim book card framer gif list motion graphic proto read ui wechat weread
    View Book List Concept
    Book List Concept
  13. QMUI Logo logo qmui qqmail
    View QMUI Logo
    QMUI Logo
  14. Card Carousel app book card carousel flat framer prototype read spin ui wechat weread
    View Card Carousel
    Card Carousel
  15. Pull to Reload app book flat framer prototype pull read refresh reload ui wechat weread
    View Pull to Reload
    Pull to Reload
  16. WeRead Book Detail Transition app book flat framer prototype read tab ui wechat weread
    View WeRead Book Detail Transition
    WeRead Book Detail Transition
  17. WeRead - Reading is Private, Yet Not Lonely app bar book flat progress read tab ui wechat weread
    View WeRead - Reading is Private, Yet Not Lonely
    WeRead - Reading is Private, Yet Not Lonely
  18. A Book anim book gif motion graphic page
    View A Book
    A Book
  19. Braun T3 [Sketch] braun dieter rams free radio sketch t3
    View Braun T3 [Sketch]
    Braun T3 [Sketch]
  20. Free Glyphs [AI] ai clock delete free gallery glyph icon location message music phone search
    View Free Glyphs [AI]
    Free Glyphs [AI]
  21. Book Loading [AEP] aep anim book free gif load motion graphic
    View Book Loading [AEP]
    Book Loading [AEP]
  22. WeFinance add app cost expense finance ios iphone ui
    View WeFinance
  23. WeChat anim app gif motion graphic watch wechat
    View WeChat
  24. QQMail Launched! anim gif icon mail motion graphic qq
    View QQMail Launched!
    QQMail Launched!
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