1. Stay at home and learn something motion graphics motion design vector motion aftereffects typography illustration design type illustrator
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    Stay at home and learn something
  2. ME icon logo branding illustration design illustrator
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  3. Bandana vector branding typography design type illustrator
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  4. Zippo A-Flame illustration type animate aftereffects illustrator
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    Zippo A-Flame
  5. OldEnglish B vector logo design type illustrator
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    OldEnglish B
  6. SelfPortrait self portrait branding illustration design illustrator
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  7. ZERO fucks depth neutral photoshop design texture diy type
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    ZERO fucks
  8. SANCTUARY blue red illustrator ranch home-plate america deer sanctuary hunting logo baseball
  9. Ampersand type ligature hand-made photoshop illustrator typography ampersand
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  10. Jordan 1985-1998 airjordan draft iconography icon shoes basketball sneakers kicks illustration illustrator jumpan jordan
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    Jordan 1985-1998
  11. Whatup urban city white black handwriting script skyline chicago illustrator photoshop type typography
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