1. Podcast cover artwork - Design & Tell agl.sg agl singapore designtell cover podcast girl branding vector logo illustration
    View Podcast cover artwork - Design & Tell
    Podcast cover artwork - Design & Tell
  2. Swipe! progress swipe bait pagination earnings earning voucher unlock key womans woman beard coin girl boy wallet cashback shopback illustartion horizontal swipe
    View Swipe!
  3. Different cashless payment methods cashless postcard poster contactless creditcard mobile phone paywave digital payment payment
    View Different cashless payment methods
    Different cashless payment methods
  4. Food Video Introduction animation aftereffects fire wipeout video logo food animation wipe
    View Food Video Introduction animation
    Food Video Introduction animation
  5. Food Video Introduction animation logo animation video path fire animation food
    View Food Video Introduction animation
    Food Video Introduction animation
  6. Linked Card Success drink card illustration agency shopbackgo shopback success message success
    View Linked Card Success
    Linked Card Success
  7. Link your card securely payment finance money security girl illustration bank card
    View Link your card securely
    Link your card securely
  8. Notification Centre subtle micro interactions micro animation bubble notice alert message notification notification center bell
    View Notification Centre
    Notification Centre
  9. One Swipe Away toss coin rebate grab hand swipe credit card payment shopback cashback
    View One Swipe Away
    One Swipe Away
  10. How to get Cashback ? ecommerce app shopping app shopping education animation tutorial howitworks rebate cash rebate shopback cashback
    View How to get Cashback ?
    How to get Cashback ?
  11. ShopBack App 2.0 baloons candies candy c4d revamp update new version app shopback
    View ShopBack App 2.0
    ShopBack App 2.0
  12. ShopBack App has a new look girl illustration update revamp app shopback
    View ShopBack App has a new look
    ShopBack App has a new look
  13. career icons solution puzzle feedback ship win teamwork collaboration launch innovation development icons
    View career icons
    career icons
  14. security tech icons icons guarenteed notification network safety phone tech cloud security
    View security tech icons
    security tech icons
  15. finance spot illustrations illustration investment earn coins money date calendar security wallet finance
    View finance spot illustrations
    finance spot illustrations
  16. Portfolio goals scene illustration click finger girl personal finance personalized goal potfolio
    View Portfolio goals
    Portfolio goals
  17. Personalized goal couple plant personalization goal figure personal
    View Personalized goal
    Personalized goal
  18. Intelligence safety lock security girl stashaway intelligence intelligent illustraion
    View Intelligence
  19. Friendly Tone of Voice feedback rate us tone of voice flip 3d
    View Friendly Tone of Voice
    Friendly Tone of Voice
  20. ShopBack Billboard billboard shopback neon lights
    View ShopBack Billboard
    ShopBack Billboard
  21. Screen saver red shopback
    View Screen saver
    Screen saver
  22. On Fire fire animation logo shopback
    View On Fire
    On Fire
  23. App Onboarding app onboarding shopback
    View App Onboarding
    App Onboarding
  24. App onboarding login signup onboarding app
    View App onboarding
    App onboarding
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