1. Nightwalker Collection glow green modeling keyboard design 3d motion
    View Nightwalker Collection
    Nightwalker Collection
  2. Your Local Store experience motion graphics installation design motion kickstarter
    View Your Local Store
    Your Local Store
  3. Thank You!!!! brand video illustration type movement mark design branding focus lab motion
    View Thank You!!!!
    Thank You!!!!
  4. Build it! wip build irl brand marketo motion focus lab stopmotion
    View Build it!
    Build it!
  5. Short n Sweet color mark quick type purple design branding motion design focus lab motion galvanize
    View Short n Sweet
    Short n Sweet
  6. On Point ! reel portfolio motion red color green branding pinpoint
    View On Point !
    On Point !
  7. Keep it Reel ! color real reel idea tv branding motion focus lab reel
    View Keep it Reel !
    Keep it Reel !
  8. Storyboardin' process board sketching galvanize design motion focus lab
    View Storyboardin'
  9. Galvanize Motion galvanize motion design type logo purple branding color focus lab bumper
    View Galvanize Motion
    Galvanize Motion
  10. Cinematic Token animation brand red illustration movement mark design color focus lab motion
    View Cinematic Token
    Cinematic Token
  11. Oh Hey! portfolio animation character mascot color motion motion design product money branding proposals design focus lab quokka
    View Oh Hey!
    Oh Hey!
  12. How it begins! bts film video brand purple sketch design marketo focus lab storyboards motion
    View How it begins!
    How it begins!
  13. Production Portfolio color type portfolio production focuslab design film tti
    View Production Portfolio
    Production Portfolio
  14. TTI is LIVE focus color blue case study portfolio title insurance branding bumper motion tti focus lab
    View TTI is LIVE
    TTI is LIVE
  15. A Motion Design Class skillshare brand logo animation graph circle teal blue color design focuslab fathom motion class
    View A Motion Design Class
    A Motion Design Class
  16. The Willkes Store yellow color film brand photography type design motion store
    View The Willkes Store
    The Willkes Store
  17. Quokka is Coming moviemagic focuslab quokka set film
    View Quokka is Coming
    Quokka is Coming
  18. Shop Open! money store photo cars design prints willkes motion shop
    View Shop Open!
    Shop Open!
  19. Tray.io Bumper automation type color animation design focuslab tray motion
    View Tray.io Bumper
    Tray.io Bumper
  20. Humanism v.2 direction music sound circle color human 3d motion
    View Humanism v.2
    Humanism v.2
  21. Falling Luchador character rigging black and white mark brand luchador focus lab motion
    View Falling Luchador
    Falling Luchador
  22. O.O.F out of focus oof brand red video type movement design focus lab color motion
    View O.O.F
  23. New Portfolio directing film type video movement design black branding illustration motion red music glitch
    View New Portfolio
    New Portfolio
  24. Humanism film movement design black mark motion color 3d
    View Humanism
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