Ultimate Tab Bar Call To Action Button

May 13, 2019

Sometimes you need to be 100% sure that a user will notice a certain UI element on their screen. It’s a real challenge. To meet the challenge you need to gather all the design power you have together. (Composition, shape, color, motion...

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Strange Room [VR experience]

April 29, 2019

Played with VR environment. Made with Unity. You can try this on your Android device. Works well with Cardboards — https://github.com/Volorf/VR-Experiments/blob/master/APKs/strange_room.apk Stay tuned — Dribbble | Behance | Instagram ...

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VR Switch

April 25, 2019

Tried to rethink 2D UI controls in VR/AR environment. It was a switch. This UI implies that you can interact with it with your virtual hands as well as any system control pointer you have. Stay tuned — Dribbble | Behance | Instagram | T...

VR Menu II

April 22, 2019

Added a couple of fixes to my last shot: — The Z axis of the menu layer looks toward a user's head; — Lighting system makes menu icons drop shadows. So, its elevation gets more noticeable. Stay tuned — Dribbble | Behance | Instagram | T...

VR/AR Menu

April 16, 2019

Decided to explore AR and VR fields a bit more. I love an opportunity to use all space dimensions and the sonic environment for interaction design. Especially I really like how sounds get to work there. It really helps a user to get how ...

Loader xlviii


March 06, 2019

Loader exploration for AR/VR. Stay tuned — Dribbble | Behance | Instagram | Twitter

AR/VR Menu Interaction

February 11, 2019

Experimented with menu interactions in AR/VR. Implied that you can interact with different types of gestures — swipe with a hand, joysticks, eye’s apples. The last one can be used for glasses UI interactions. Stay tuned — Dribbble | Beh...

Stepper XXIII

December 19, 2018

Continue to explore the steppers. Stay tuned — Dribbble | Behance | Instagram | Twitter