Multi Selection Experiment

August 17, 2016

Multi selection can be tricky on mobile. Default solutions, where you have a list with check boxes at the right behave bad when the list is getting real big and gets more functionality like filtering, for example. In my little experimen...


Bottom Nav Experiments

November 20, 2015

Experimenting with bottom navigation idea, trying to combine both “nav worlds”, tab bar and side bar. What do you think, dudes? And be sure to check version two in the attachment ;) Made in Yalantis

Draft 02 dark skin light orange

Hamburger Menu Animation

October 15, 2015

Long time no shot. Time to get back on track :) Got inspired by this cool shot by @Gal Shir, thank you sir ;) What do you think of this one, dudes? Made in Yalantis


Windmill Pull to Refresh

July 02, 2015

Hi friends!  I’m having fun with an idea for pull to refresh animation. Yet I got another one on my mind. Maybe I’ll show it to you soon. But right now tell me what you think of this one? Hope you like it ;)
 Made with love in Yalantis

Draft 03

Search Bar Animation

June 04, 2015

Hey, fellas! Today I would like to share with you a little idea that came up to me recently. We're all familiar with this typical location of a search button on the right of nav bar. So here is my concept of it. As simple as that. What d...

Draft 06

Guillotine Menu

April 14, 2015

Hi there! I got bored recently, and when I get bored I’m looking for fun, of course :) So, I decided to continue my exploration of AE and here is what I came up with this time. Side .. no top bar drops down from the top. Sounds like fun!...

Tab bar animation fin 02

Tab Bar Animation

April 03, 2015

Hey, folks! Big screens are everywhere. Screens are getting bigger, but somehow design doesn't adapt to this change. I think we should fix that. Inspired and guided by a simple inference I came up with an idea to put all the controls at ...

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