1. 🎯 Goals Tree Structure b2b card dashboard connection family tree goals objectives progress saas after effects animation ux ui design vectors shot
    🎯 Goals Tree Structure
  2. Schedule a Coffee Catchup  ☕️ after effects animation ui schedule slack saas b2b culture connect remote work
    Schedule a Coffee Catchup ☕️
  3. Catchup Remotely culture bonding remote work aftereffects animation design slack app dashboard design saas b2c b2b
    Catchup Remotely
  4. Slack Task Reminder after effect animation employee manager 1:1 todo action items reminders dashboard slack saas b2b
    Slack Task Reminder
  5. OKR Chart Dashboard flowchart chart b2b saas okr goals ui dashboard design card ui card
    OKR Chart Dashboard
  6. OKR Dashboard okr company saas b2b goals ui dashboad
    OKR Dashboard
  7. Travel app for a working professional consultation shot ui place itinerary travel app travel
    Travel app for a working professional
  8. Product Feedback form feedback nps prototype animation animation after effects
    Product Feedback
  9. Survey Analysis  Dashboard b2b software as a service saas heatmap survey card design employee engagement analytics dashboard data visualisation data viz stats dashboard
    Survey Analysis Dashboard
  10. Main Home Dashboard todo lists task list task dashboard design cards manager feedback employee engagement communication card design dashboard ui dashboard design ui
    Main Home Dashboard
  11. 1-on-1 Dashboard: For building Communication and Transparency ui saas communication manager figma employee engagement design dashboard ui dashboard design dashboard cards card design card
    1-on-1 Dashboard: For building Communication and Transparency
  12. Dashboard Empty States culture emptystate empty job manager employee engagement employee feedback communication illustration design ui dashboard
    Dashboard Empty States
  13. Action items Dashboard manager employee engagement saas meeting app card figma design ui card design cards dashboard design dashboard ui dashboard
    Action items Dashboard
  14. Loading Screen principleformac ui waiting loading loader animation motion design motion animation
    Loading Screen
  15. Peoplebox Marketing Homepage transparency communication ui ux ui data tracking productivity performance notes note taking meeting marketing site marketing landing page landing illustration editor
    Peoplebox Marketing Homepage
  16. Performace Rating Card tracking stars thumbs up emoji slider design slider review rating interaction design prototype interaction animation principleformac figma design figma feedback drag problem solving uiux ui
    Performace Rating Card
  17. Productivity Rating card design cards ui card feedback review reason label slider design sliders slider figmadesign figma dashboard ui dashboard design ui
    Productivity Rating
  18. Consultancy Website design vector ui figmadesign figma animation transitions landing page marketing site web development webflow webdesign
    Consultancy Website
  19. Performance and Motivation Trend (Dashboard Card) score line graph graphs reason nps information visualization userinterface ux ui animation motion interaction card dashboard ui dashboard
    Performance and Motivation Trend (Dashboard Card)
  20. Hello Dribbble! vector illustration firstshot shot debut ui design
    Hello Dribbble!
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