1. Sushi Rocket socialmedia fly sushi roll design communication nantes graphicdesign illustration drawing social media rocket
    View Sushi Rocket
    Sushi Rocket
  2. Fly me to the moon digital painting illustration art light meteor graphicdesign communication nantes sushi roll moonshine moonlight food drawing illustration design social media illustration moon sushi
    View Fly me to the moon
    Fly me to the moon
  3. Sushi Samurai (reworked) japanese culture torii moon samurai japan design communication socialmedia sushi nantes graphicdesign illustration drawing
    View Sushi Samurai (reworked)
    Sushi Samurai (reworked)
  4. Sushi on Fire communication graphicdesign energy power wizard flame drawing fire social media illustration design sushi
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    Sushi on Fire
  5. Sushi Bento nantes socialmedia graphicdesign communication drawing sushi roll bento box character illustration isometric illustration isometry isometric design crypto bento sushi
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    Sushi Bento
  6. Sushi Geyser (AMPL) sushi roll social media partner chef drawing fly desert water gesyer graphicdesign nantes illustration design
    View Sushi Geyser (AMPL)
    Sushi Geyser (AMPL)
  7. Sushi Treasure socialmedia communication graphicdesign drawing nantes illustration spider web sushichef cover protocole shield treasure sushiswap sushi
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    Sushi Treasure
  8. Sushi Samurai (YFI) finance red art graphicdesign communication socialmedia nantes sushiswap moon samurai illustration drawing sushi
    View Sushi Samurai (YFI)
    Sushi Samurai (YFI)
  9. Lego can Royal Court graphic design graphicdesign packaging british nantes drawing illustration royalty royal royalguard drink can guard noble queen lego
    View Lego can Royal Court
    Lego can Royal Court
  10. Lego can Pirates skull curse zombie filibuster pirates of the caribbean redbeard drawing nantes illustration graphicdesign packagingdesign packaging drink can lego pirates
    View Lego can Pirates
    Lego can Pirates
  11. Lego can Medieval packaging design design art merchant soldier viking nantes portrait drawing illustration drink packaging design medieval lego
    View Lego can Medieval
    Lego can Medieval
  12. Lego can Star Wars drawing graphicdesign drink cannon nantes clones darkmaul illustration packaging design
    View Lego can Star Wars
    Lego can Star Wars
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