1. Crypto Wallet App crypto design mobile ui ux
    View Crypto Wallet App
    Crypto Wallet App
  2. Workspace Finder Concept Website branding design green landing page minimal modern ui website
    View Workspace Finder Concept Website
    Workspace Finder Concept Website
  3. Coming Soon 048 comingsoon dailyui dailyui048 dailyuichallenge
    View Coming Soon
    Coming Soon
  4. Small Business Activity Feed 047 activity feed activityfeed dailyui dashbaord mobile
    View Small Business Activity Feed
    Small Business Activity Feed
  5. Subscription Manager Invoice List 046 dailyui dailyui046 dailyuiux inovice invoice list manager subscription list subscription list
    View Subscription Manager Invoice List
    Subscription Manager Invoice List
  6. Crypto Website Info Cards 045 bitcoin cards chainlink crypto dailyui dailyui045 ethereum information polkadot tether
    View Crypto Website Info Cards
    Crypto Website Info Cards
  7. Favorite Sports Teams Dashboard dailyui dailyui004 dailyui044 ducks espn owls schedules sport sports sportsnews sportswear timbers trail blazers
    View Favorite Sports Teams Dashboard
    Favorite Sports Teams Dashboard
  8. Starbucks Menu Redesign coffee daily ui dailyui dailyui043 menu mobile menu order starbucks
    View Starbucks Menu Redesign
    Starbucks Menu Redesign
  9. Minimal To-do List Widget 042 addiction dailyui dailyui042 mobile mobile ui to do to do list widget to so list todo todolist widget
    View Minimal To-do List Widget
    Minimal To-do List Widget
  10. Workout Tracker App dailyui dailyui 001 mobile mobile app workout workout app workout tracker workouttracker
    View Workout Tracker App
    Workout Tracker App
  11. Recipe App 040 dailyui recipe
    View Recipe App
    Recipe App
  12. Testimonials 039 dailyui039
    View Testimonials
  13. Calendar To-Do Tracker 038 calendar dailyui038 to do to do list
    View Calendar To-Do Tracker
    Calendar To-Do Tracker
  14. Minimalist Weather App dailyui dailyui037
    View Minimalist Weather App
    Minimalist Weather App
  15. Crypto Special Offer 036 bitcoin crypto dailyui dailyuichallenge design ethereum trade ui
    View Crypto Special Offer
    Crypto Special Offer
  16. Blog Post 035 35 blog cover blog post blogger dailyui dailyui035 dailyuichallenge design
    View Blog Post
    Blog Post
  17. Car Dashboard
    View Car Dashboard
    Car Dashboard
  18. Customized Product dailyui033
    View Customized Product
    Customized Product
  19. Crowdfunding Campaign
    View Crowdfunding Campaign
    Crowdfunding Campaign
  20. File Upload 031 dailyui
    View File Upload
    File Upload
  21. Pricing Order Form 030 dailyui pricing
    View Pricing Order Form
    Pricing Order Form
  22. Minimal Directions Map 029 dailyui
    View Minimal Directions Map
    Minimal Directions Map
  23. Contact Us Form 028 dailyui dailyui028 dailyuichallenge
    View Contact Us Form
    Contact Us Form
  24. Dropdown dailyui027 dropdown
    View Dropdown
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