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404 SeenThat

Some fun 404 pages I made for SeenThat. See attachments for all three 404 page designs.

August 19, 2013

Custom Lists

See attachment for full page comp.

March 20, 2013

Helm shot120

SeenTh.at Sign Up Form

Vader would like you to "Join Us!" ___________________________________________________________ SeenTh.at is an online community where users discuss, recomme...

November 01, 2012

SeenTh.at Landing Page

SeenTh.at's new landing page. You can view it live here: http://seenth.at/ ___________________________________________________________ SeenTh.at is an onli...

November 01, 2012

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SeenTh.at Social Post Page

Now you can post your movie Chatter tickets to Twiiter (and Facebook soon). When you do, a permalink is created for your Chatter tickets so others can view ...

October 30, 2012

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Helm shot117

SeenTh.at About Me Page

A sneak peak of the new SeenTh.at About Me page. ___________________________________________________________ SeenTh.at is an online community where users di...

October 02, 2012

Helm shot116

SeenTh.at Toolbar

The new SeenTh.at navigation bar is coming real soon. The new 'Post Activity' button is how you will post Chatter tickets in the future. It's streamlined f...

September 12, 2012