1. Badump!! - A Valentines Heartbeat hands acoustic music rhythm socks animation 3d heartbeat beat drum love heart valentine character animation 3d animation 3d artist valentines valentinesday
    View Badump!! - A Valentines Heartbeat
    Badump!! - A Valentines Heartbeat
  2. Five Bars - Infographic network sign airport uk england transport wifi tablet taxi bus phone wireless after effects infographic client animated gif illustration character motion graphic
    View Five Bars - Infographic
    Five Bars - Infographic
  3. Staff & Tenants worker hello wave book fire safety tenants staff simple bed coffee character gif
    View Staff & Tenants
    Staff & Tenants
  4. Book reveal - The process of animation plastic circle looping zoom 3d glow keyhole abstract book animation
    View Book reveal - The process of animation
    Book reveal - The process of animation
  5. Animated Typography Web Signature - Salamandra.uk 2d animation font type hand drawn liquid paint logo animation motion graphics typography web brand animation
    View Animated Typography Web Signature - Salamandra.uk
    Animated Typography Web Signature - Salamandra.uk
  6. Coffee Zombies - Halloween nightime moon caffeine midnight coffee shop undead hipsters zombies halloween coffee students
    View Coffee Zombies - Halloween
    Coffee Zombies - Halloween
  7. Artemis - Monuments Of Percentage eiffel tower comparison pisa taj mahal sydney europe graph big ben monuments statue of liberty percentage investment
    View Artemis - Monuments Of Percentage
    Artemis - Monuments Of Percentage
  8. The Screen   Opening Gif countdown logo animation movie drink tickets animation icon branding indie popcorn cinema film
    View The Screen Opening Gif
    The Screen Opening Gif
  9. Takeaway App Design - YUM food scooter digital receipt asian delicious dinner food application takeaway phone ui app
    View Takeaway App Design - YUM food
    Takeaway App Design - YUM food
  10. Happy Easter Rabbit pastel squash and stretch grain animation gif motion graphics after effects character rig eggs easter bunny rabbit
    View Happy Easter Rabbit
    Happy Easter Rabbit
  11. Wimbledon strawberries sitting sun hot outdoors ball gif motion graphic character after effects tennis wimbledon
    View Wimbledon
  12. Branding Ambassador  campaign tablet minimalist business worker man branding linear illustrator ambassador
    View Branding Ambassador
    Branding Ambassador
  13. Marathon runner motion graphics character after effects animation london marathon looping walk cycle running cycle rubberhose
    View Marathon runner
    Marathon runner
  14. Hedgehog awareness week gif happy log environment animation leaves nature awareness tree hedgehog preservation british
    View Hedgehog awareness week
    Hedgehog awareness week
  15. The Hungry Caterpillar food hungry chelsea flower show gif character motion breathing flowers dinner character animation caterpillar animation
    View The Hungry Caterpillar
    The Hungry Caterpillar
  16. The Great Fish And Chips Supper 2017 gif animation english colorful comic lemon cooking potato dinner meal chips fish
    View The Great Fish And Chips Supper 2017
    The Great Fish And Chips Supper 2017
  17. Laptop Animation laptop website design computer cinema 4d infographic gif 3d animation information media picture motion graphic
    View Laptop Animation
    Laptop Animation
  18. Gardening - Retirement time investment money plants retirement linear gardening gif animation
    View Gardening - Retirement
    Gardening - Retirement
  19. National Storytelling Week - Animation after effects motion graphics cute family dad chimp monkey gif storytelling character illustration animation
    View National Storytelling Week - Animation
    National Storytelling Week - Animation
  20. Camera - Gifographic element motion graphic picture media photography shiny information animation 3d gif infographic cinema 4d camera
    View Camera - Gifographic element
    Camera - Gifographic element
  21. Golf Clubs   Retirement motion graphic ball flag blue minimal looping business animation gif linear retirement golf
    View Golf Clubs Retirement
    Golf Clubs Retirement
  22. The Smart Phone - Gifographic element motion graphic illustrator after effects business marketing cinema 4d 3d animation shopping interface phone
    View The Smart Phone - Gifographic element
    The Smart Phone - Gifographic element
  23. Deck Chair - Retirement motion graphic sunset beach deck chair investment business gif animation after effects minimal illustrator linear
    View Deck Chair - Retirement
    Deck Chair - Retirement
  24. Sailing Boat - Retirement motion graphic simple illustrator after effects business linear animation gif
    View Sailing Boat - Retirement
    Sailing Boat - Retirement
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