Risen Projection

August 02, 2015

Having fun with the Risen brand : http://www.risenchurch.com Michael Sevilla : http://svla.co

Risen Hover Animation

January 13, 2015

This was a fun logo hover to design and build for the new Risen site: http://www.risenchurch.com If you like this and have a minute, the Risen site is up for an FWA and I'd really appreciate any votes you can spare: http://www.thefwa.co...

Risen Home

January 07, 2015

A quick gif of the Risen homepage nav, vid, and animation. Sorry for the crummy quality, but you can see the live version here: http://www.risenchurch.com And if you're feeling generous, please vote for it on Awwwards: http://www.awwwa...

Risen Site is Live!

January 06, 2015

So stoked to finally have the RISEN site live and out in the wild. My roles were direction, branding, design, photography, film, and development. You can view it here: http://www.risenchurch.com If you have a moment and would like to v...

Why We Love

October 24, 2014

Design and motion for Risen's new series. Apologies for the quality of the gif.

Risen Contact

September 30, 2014

More progress on the Risen site. Hoping to launch this in the next month. Full Size

Risen — Who We Are

August 17, 2014

Still working through the design & build of the Risen site. This is the 'Who We Are' page I designed back in March of 2014. Just keeping it simple and clean. View Full Size

Risen Events

June 25, 2014

Working through the events section of the new Risen website. Getting closer to making this live. Photos and calligraphy are fpo. Risen_Events Risen_Event_Detail