Shopin – Coin Loading Animation

March 05, 2019

Hey guys, it's time for some backstage stuff. This is the preloader animation we did for Shopin coin. We usually start designing such things in Adobe Illustrator, create some static storyboards and only then we move it to After Effects....

BuddyBank Card

March 04, 2019

The next part of the Future of Banking concept made for BuddyBank. Stay tuned 🙌 _______________________ 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

Healthy Food Delivery Portal

February 25, 2019

☯︎ Dark or Light? Choose your side... ______________ 🥗 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

Buddy Bank – Onboarding Prototype

February 18, 2019

Another part of the 'future of banking' concept we did for BuddyBank. From the visual perspective, we decided to use a combination of white and blue colors because this combination is still one of the most powerful to convey a feeling o...

Buddy Bank – Conversational Onboarding

February 13, 2019

Last year we worked on a concept for BuddyBank. The idea was to have a smart onboarding flow with a chatbot and natural language processing. This screen shows the process of voice recognition. Yes, it's not very pretentious. And yes, t...

Datum Homepage Animation

January 22, 2019

Homepage Animation we made for 💙 FOLLOW OUR TEAM

Shopin Homepage Animation Part 1

January 21, 2019

Homepage animation we made for Shopin – the world's first decentralized shopper profile built on the blockchain. A secure profile that enables shoppers to own their complete purchase data, giving the power back to the customer and reward...

Descript – Markering Website Design

January 15, 2019

Descript is the world's first audio word processor. It can be used to generate transcripts linked to voice media, and then edit the media by editing the text. Descript makes media production as fast and intuitive as writing a document. ...