Behance WIP Mac App Icon

July 30, 2014

'Work in Progress' app icon that we designed for Behance a while ago. The app helps you get quick feedback for projects you're working on from the network of Creatives on Behance. More icons here: ...

Free Book MacOS App Icon [PSD]

May 23, 2014

We always have a lot of questions on how we design our icons and how our PSD files look like. Download also our iphone mockups psd

SpeedUp Icon

May 05, 2014

100% Photoshop vector SpeedUp icon. It is not an app icon, thats why it has a lot of details. Check out the icon in big size here. Follow us: Google+ | Behance | Twitter | Facebook

FontSieve Mac App Icon

March 05, 2014

FontSieve MacOS app icon designed by our guys! FontSieve is an app for web developers and designers that enable you to embed a compact subset of a font directly in your HTML5 web page. Check out design process behind the app icon HERE...

Paste Styler MacOS App Icon

January 25, 2014

Icon design for a MacOS application. Follow us: Google+ | Behance | Twitter | Facebook

Songs Mac App Icon

January 08, 2014

MacOS app icon for Songs.
 Songs lets you quickly capture the essense of your chord arrangement for a song by adding chord voicings to song lyrics. Follow us: Google+ | Behance | Twitter | Facebook

‘Snippet set’ Document Icon

November 28, 2013

‘Snippet set’ document icon for TypeMetal. I know that most of you guys will write about Dropbox icon :)))) Actually, this is what the product owner demanded. Take a look at the attachment. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Librarian Pro App Icon

August 27, 2013

Mac app icon for Librarian Pro 3 by Koingo Software. Librarian Pro is a complete personal inventory system on for your MacOS. Follow us: Google+ | Behance | Twitter | Facebook