1. Website photography campaigns illustration header portfolio projects logo gif website
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  2. New Sequence blob jump sequence jump posterize after effects illustrator outline stroke pink green typography icon illustration animation frog ident visual identity identity sequence logo
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    New Sequence
  3. Yakult japanese product japanese packaging plastic bottle red colour shadows lighting illustration packaging drink yakult
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  4. Kasugai Lychee Gummies purple pink pearlescent shadows lighting procreate snacks food illustration japanese packaging japanese wrapper plastic shine gloss packaging candy sweets gummies lychee
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    Kasugai Lychee Gummies
  5. Haw Flakes chinese culture snack pink red procreate illustration food snacks shadows lighting culture chinese chinese food haw flakes
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    Haw Flakes
  6. Moon Cake Day moonlight procreate handdrawn brush highlights illustration culture chinese cake shadow light mid-autumn festival moon cake moon cake day
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    Moon Cake Day
  7. New visual identity play visual identity typography logodesign type rattan green card pattern logo
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    New visual identity play
  8. New Website Header header sun pink blue geometric grid graphic pattern patern graphic design face logo stars illustration website
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    New Website Header
  9. London Eats | Bunhouse Custard buns patterns tiles foodillustration illustration shadows sunlight lighting hands duck egg egg salted egg custard taiwanese chinese bun bao food bunhouse buns custard buns
    View London Eats | Bunhouse Custard buns
    London Eats | Bunhouse Custard buns
  10. London Eats | Tou Iberico Pork Katsu Sando toast bread meat cabbage shadows sunlight highlights illustration japanese sandwich food pork iberico katsu sando
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    London Eats | Tou Iberico Pork Katsu Sando
  11. English breakfast breakfast club beans shadows light sunlight illustration food brunch mushrooms tomatoes eggs toast bacon sausages fry up english breakfast breakfast
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    English breakfast
  12. Savoury egg croissant highlights shadows sunlight lighting breakfast crumbs egg food illustration croissant
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    Savoury egg croissant
  13. Mandarin sunlight shine bright leaf illustration highlights shadows lighting chinese orange fruit mandarin
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  14. Staying at Home series | 009 house plant silhouette plant pot face contrast shadows highlights sunlight window tail cat plant illustration
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    Staying at Home series | 009
  15. Staying at home series | 008 cosy knots blankets knit catnaps nap shadows highlights daylight sunlight pink purple cat cat paws coffee cup steam coffee home illustration
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    Staying at home series | 008
  16. Staying at home series | 007 wood green rug tea coffee cup cat toys fish mouse soot sunbeams daylight sunlight shadows hightlights laptop coffee cat procreate home illustration
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    Staying at home series | 007
  17. Staying at Home Series | 002 shadows highlight contrast cat ears pine floorboards floor wood rug home shadow cats cat stayathome illustration
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    Staying at Home Series | 002
  18. Light touch waterpen hands daylight sunlight blinds contrast fingers tattoos hand shadows highlights procreate illustration
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    Light touch
  19. Hong Kong Unite crowd star protest procreate red illustration umbrellas flag hongkong
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    Hong Kong Unite
  20. All up in smokes clouds skull smoke amazon rainforest procreate illustration
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    All up in smokes
  21. Lungs of our world plants leaves procreate illustration rainforest amazon
    View Lungs of our world
    Lungs of our world
  22. Fox trot animal colour procreate reflection illustration fox
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    Fox trot
  23. Tiger Tiger procreate tiger illustration reflections
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    Tiger Tiger
  24. Kraken watch eye procreate kracken octopus illustration
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    Kraken watch
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