1. 2020 Happy New Year motion nella addy 2020 happy new year frame by frame illustration animation
    View 2020 Happy New Year
    2020 Happy New Year
  2. Flowers in the light texture nature artist drawing still life flowers design illustration
    View Flowers in the light
    Flowers in the light
  3. Summer Reading illustrator artwork drawing illustration girl summer poolside
    View Summer Reading
    Summer Reading
  4. Girl + Curiosity #2 hand drawn sketch illustration art direction character design design girl
    View Girl + Curiosity #2
    Girl + Curiosity #2
  5. Character Design art direction people illustration design girl character design
    View Character Design
    Character Design
  6. Adjustments frame by frame cel animation illustration animation 2d animation
    View Adjustments
  7. Animation Still adventure animation illustration
    View Animation Still
    Animation Still
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